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There are no stand-alone acting agencies in New England, like there are in LA, NYC or other bigger cities.

Why? Not enough work for the agent to pay his/her bills from 10% of the actors' bookings. And on a smaller scale, Massachusetts has a anti-business law that makes the business owner (producer, store, etc.) pay an extra 10% to the actor so if an agent (see below) does take 10% of the actor's pay, it essentially comes out of the business owner's pocket not the actors; so actors with any sort of theatrical (Film/TV) representation are technically more expensive than actors who are not represented. However, the prevailing reason is the former.

Transparency note: I, Bradley J., am represented by Maggie, Inc. and they deserve every penny of whatever work goes through the agency.


"Actor A" is represented by Maggie, Inc. a SAG-AFTRA signatory modeling agency.

"Actor B" is not represented.

Both actors are SAG-AFTRA members up for a TV spot that pays, for demonstration purposes only, $1,000.

If Producer Biff Wannabe hires "Actor A" his cost will be 10% higher or roughly $1,100. When Maggie, Inc. takes its 10%, "Actor A" receives roughly $1,000.

There are two print modeling agents that act as theatrical agents and are SAG-AFTRA signatory: Maggie, Inc. and Model Club, Inc. and they are both highly regarded and reputable agencies.

All acting opportunities on films and TV shows, come through Casting Directors of which there are 5 in the New England area:

  • Boston Casting
  • CP Casting
  • Christine Wyse Casting
  • LDI Casting (Providence, RI)
  • Sande Alessi Casting


If you're listed with Maggie or Model Club the above listed casting directors usually contact you through them, but there is no rule or law against a casting director contacting you directly. If you are contacted for a Film/TV audition through Maggie or Model Club that extra 10% law in Mass kicks in, if you book the job.

Q: Will Maggie, Inc. or Model Club, Inc. work to find actors acting jobs?

A: For the most part, no; unless they submit actors living in NE to NYC jobs.

Q: Why not?

A: see reasons above in first paragraph.


Note: the casting directors do not take any % of the actors' pay; they get paid by the company or film producer that hired them to audition the talent.

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