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It's the last year of another decade! Next year at this time we will be in the THIRD decade of the new millennium! Can you believe it?

When I was young, the year 2000 seemed like the far-flung future. I imagined it might never arrive. Now we're looking back at it nostalgically! Another thing that I never imagined in my wildest dreams as a youngster, is that I would someday be a working actor. Now I'm looking back at almost five years of steady work in film and TV production, both in front of and behind the camera!

Growing up in a tiny town on the east coast, Hollywood might as well have been a million miles away. I never considered the possibility that I could ever get there. But then, when I was still only 17 years old, I packed myself up, jumped on my motorcycle and rode myself to Sacramento where I attended college and studied Graphic Design. Hollywood was just down the road!

Still, I just didn't even consider the possibility that I could work in the film industry.

I came back home, back to the east coast. But then, the internet! Hollywood started to decentralize, technology put film making within reach of so many more creative geniuses. Hollywood was coming to me!

Ironically, Graphic Design got me my first movie role. It seemed like kismet, I was reading a discussion list for Graphics and Digital Media people, and came upon an unexpected message. It seemed quite out of place. It was a call for "Extras," needed for a feature film that was to be shot in scenic Great Barrington, MA. I took a chance and sent a recent photo. The reply was immediate and surprising: "Hey Noël, Thanks so much for your response, you are exactly the type we are looking for." To summarize the whirlwind that I was about to experience: I ended up filming for well over a month, was bumped up to a named character: "Agent Fidelio," and promised a listing in the credits! The final scene was shot in New York City, and it was spectacular. The film is called "Like Lambs" and stars such well-known names as Liam Aiken (Lemony Snickets w/ Jim Carrey and Road to Perdition w/ Tom Hanks), Justin Chon (21 & Over, Twilight) and more! The encouragement I received from the film's Producers and Directors, helped me launch a brand new career... as an actor!

Your wildest dreams CAN come true, even the ones you never dared to dream.

What's your story?

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