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Print Models

Actors who also work professionally as print models.
Required before joining:

  • professional modeling photos in a photo album labeled "My Modeling Work" or your "Modeling Agent".

Location: New England
Members: 92
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* = 2015 NEABO winners

Maggie, Inc.
Email: Click Here
Brierley, Kirsten Hede
Evans, Amy
Lentol, Cindy
Emily Petta
Pizzuti, Laura

Hannon, Robert - (02-2017)
Stanley, Edward
Van Dussen, Bradley J.

Cameo Models & Talent
Lynda St. James: 781-647-8300
Hermes, Suzanne

Non-represented Models
Caufield, Kayla - (03-2016)
Celozzi, Christine - (06-2015)
Cooke, Debra Lord
Goodman, Emma
Harte, Jane - (01-2017)
MacClary, Donna - (03-2015)
Miller, Kimberly
Muraszkiewicz, Margot
Ognibene, Donna - (01-2016)
Palica, Ann
Pellegrino, Elena
Shasha, Kathryn - (04-2015)
Tavakalian, Evgenia (07-2014)
Taylor, Carole - (04-2016)
Tramonte, Ashley

Bello, Jimmy
McIsaac, Martin

Pierce, Martin - (12-2017)
New England Models Group
Email: Click Here
Iwanicki, Stacey Forbes
Tucker, Jaimie

Donahue Models

Meehan, Sally

Portland Models


Jurdi, Kate - (04-2015)

Andrew Wilson Agency
Becker-Gray, Ellen (09-2014)

Image Makers
Calvao, Christine
James, Gilda
Reis, Kimberly - (01-2015)

* Villamizar, Nicolas

Dynasty Models
Donnelly, Susan
Shea, Ashley - (10-2016)

Model Club
Email: Click Here
Alexander, Tre

Antkowiak, Jennifer
Bettencourt, Molly - (02-2015)
Clarke, Kadian
Davis, Janelle
* Dawson, Julie
Dennis, Becki
Furber, Morgan - (05-2018)
Howcroft, Tiffany - (08-2014)
Lohnes, Jeanne (02-2015)
Lyman, Andrea
Pannier, Sam
Salowsky, Kati
Saviolakis, Monica
Tucker, Jaimie
Tyrrell, Jennifer (01-2015)
Wachtler, Alison - (02-2015)
Zocco, Amanda - (01-2015)

Coppola, Michael
Gannon, Russell J.
Zimmerman, Leonard

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Posted by May Mai on September 25, 2011 at 12:09am

Thanks so much for the great infomation. Could you please list all the websites for the companies as well?


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