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Here's how videos and photos are reviewed for NEActor.

If you did not get a video or photo approved it may have been for one of the following reasons.

For videos:

  • Does it show the actor’s talent right away? Does a time-starved industry pro have to wait more than a few seconds to see the actor? Is the actor even in the video?
  • Is it of good sound and audio quality?
  • Will it get the actor hired or called in for an audition?
  • Are there scenes that show too much of other actors, thus wasting the time of an Industry Pro (IP)?
  • Does it show gratuitous acts of violence or gore?
  • Does it contain sex or profanity (ex. f-bombs, bulls&*#, uses Jesus or God in vain, S*#t, flipping the "bird", etc.)?
  • Would I invite my young daughters to watch it with me?
  • Will it be watched by a casting agent, director, company, etc.? (They're busy and have little time for scenes that do not have you in the video)
  • Will your demo make the industry pro "want more"?
  • Is it too long? Regardless of how much time a casting agent, et al has, please think about who is viewing your video...will they sit through it and eventually hire or call you in for an audition, because of this video? If it's too long see our recommended video editors page for help in creating a demo or short clips.
    • Is your video a short movie or trailer? no time-starved industry pro is going to watch a movie waiting and hoping to see your talent as soon as possible; it's a waste of his or her time.
  • Demo Reels: industry professionals seek demo videos that are fewer than 2 minutes. Showing a different scene every 6-10 seconds (with the actor of course).
  • Acting Clips: must be 1-scene dramatic or comedic, fewer than 60 seconds.
  • For promotion or display on any Group page, your video must use an embed code from Vimeo or YouTube.


  • Are the photos repetitive or redundant (same location, clothes, same look, etc.)?
  • Are they “social” photos vs. something showing your acting talent?
  • Are the photos "on set," but not showing your acting?
  • Would you send these photos to a time-starved industry pro?
  • Does it even have you in the photo?
  • Are you prominently seen?
  • Does a time-starved industry pro have to look at other actors before he/she finds you?
  • Would a casting agent, photographer, print agency, hire or audition you because of this photo?
  • A you too far away or unable to be seen separate from others?
  • Is the photo amateur or professional?
  • Are the photos blurry?
  • In the eyes of a timed-starved industry pro: does the photo put the actor in a "hire me" position?
  • Does the photo make you look unprofessional?

 I hope this makes sense; any questions please let me know.

--Bradley J.

Mobile: 508-341-7468



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