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  • Each year, hundreds of our members are found, contacted or submitted for auditions, roles or other acting projects by industry pros using NE Actor! Here is a small list, about whom we know, who use NE Actor to find, contact, audition or hire our members: click here
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From Industry Professionals

"Thank you for starting the NE Actor. I love using it, and have found many wonderful, talented and diverse actors there. I have even searched for models, which I needed for one of the scenes. I prefer NE Actor to Backstage because you showcase local talent and as a New England Filmmaker, that is indispensable. NE Actor is my first choice."

--Sanja Zdjelar: film maker

"Thanks so much! We had an overwhelming response, more people than I possibly could book. I am responding to everyone to let them know I received their info and hopefully can use them in future workshops. I’m so glad I found you, you are providing a great resource for the actors, and for photography!

I found [NE Actor] because I met [an actor] about 4 years ago and I thought I would contact him to see if he could recommend people. When I did a search for him, your site came up! Thanks again so very much!"

--Bobbi Lane Photography /

"I just wanted to say that NEA is a great resource to hire actors as well as finding work. Specifically, I'm working with a production company who was looking for actors in a short period of time and I suggested NEA as a great "go to." Not only did we find an amazing actor, we also received 12 great responses regarding a web ad that I directed for a painting company in 2 days time!"

 --David J. Curtis (Sha La La La Productions)

"You have some great people here" (re: Voice Talent Group)

--Karen Schwarzer (WCSH 6-TV Portland, ME)

"It's been an absolute pleasure using New England Actor!"

--Tess Cannon (Gurney Productions)

"New England actors found the perfect voice actors for my podcasts about Edgar Allan Poe. They are a terrific resource."

--Nancy Zaroulis (The Poe Papers)

"Just visited your NE actor page; it's awesome!"

--Bill O'Leary (LA acting coach) after visiting Margot Muraszkiewicz's page.


The site is a helpful resource. The single most helpful feature is being able to see clips of an actor's work.


Yeah, we just used the site for a viral video for Identity Guard.  Your site is a huge help on small non-union type jobs where we can't afford a typical casting session.  I've also used it in the past to research who's out there for a particular spec.  So, yes, it is extremely useful.  I would urge other actors to not only put in their emails, but also a cell number.

--Jonathan Bekemeier, Director: Picture Park


This was absolutely great!   So easy and convenient.

I don't really have any suggestions as this point... Everything went super smooth. :)

--Nicole Shotgun Media Group


"Thank you so much for your interest in our project. We wanted to thank you personally for your NE Actor website, as it was absolutely crucial to finding actors for our project. We had many more people turn out than we expected, which was incredibly helpful with our casting process." --Ren Long - "Solitary Confinement" an Emerson College Production

Short article on Hollywood East Connection about New England Actor.

"What a great site with so many talented people able to showcase their stuff in one place. This is an excellent use of the Web, making a casting/producer's job so much easier. "
--Jordan Rich, Chart Productions, Inc.

"...because it's a monitored site and it's easy to search for what I want; it would be foolish for me not to look at for every job I'm hired to cast." --Matt Bouldry of CP Casting

"Your site was a big help to the producers of The Pond when they were looking for talent to call in for auditions. It's simple, easy to use, and the quality of the images is great. Tools like New England help make talent more competitive in this industry. Great job with the site!" --John Campanello of BetweenGigs Casting

“I would encourage any and all actors in the New England area to utilize this technology. This is a great way for producers and directors to view your info without having to pay or join. Many times they cannot afford to cast and having a site like this to send them to is great! And it's free.” --Maura Tighe of Maura Tighe Casting

"This site is GREAT! I will share it with everyone here!" --Kathy Cooper of ART Payroll


"I appreciate all you've done to help so many in the community. You really helped me re-launch my acting career with Neactor, which helped me discover my deeper love in VO. Thank you, Bradley."


"Your website is the absolute best in New England! I've not only received work from being on the site, I've received a TON of publicity for my new comedy troupe, "The Scene Machine."


I have booked quite a lot work  from being found on NE actor.  Some of the jobs I have done recently have been an industrial for IBM via SAI global, 60 seconds to sell on the BIO network, an infomercial for a new easy-to-make Pad Tai. A Toyota commercial, a Lexus of Watertown commercial with Jerry Remy, a couple auditions in Maine for an auto body shop and some fitness print auditions.

You're site is great and I appreciate all the work I have received from being on it!!


I've had been contacted several times this year (2014) because of my profile on NE Actor and 2 of those victories resulted in 2 of my favorite roles I've had to date, so thank you so much for this site. It's been so incredibly helpful as an actor.

Thanks again,

--Anna R.

This website is a really amazing tool!  I have been out of acting and involved in teaching/directing social justice theatre for about 10 years, how lovely to have this extremely helpful tool to use as I re-enter the market as an actor. 


And thank you SO much for the work and effort you put into this - I cannot tell you how much of a difference it's made for my career (actually, you can tell just by my victories!)
--Juliet Bowler

I just wanted to send you a message to tell you how wonderful neactor site is.   The warm friendliness, abundance of information, and ability to network with other members is wonderful.

Got your invite for the networking information gathering in Framingham, sounds awesome!

Once again, thanks so much for this site Bradley!

With best regards,

Marjorie T.

"Hi Bradley!

I just wanted to take a second to thank you for all the great advice and help that you've offered me since joining the site.

I really did not expect to find that, or so many resources and connections here; and it has truly helped me take things to the next level.

Best ten dollars I've ever spent!!

Thanks again,

Rob R."

"Hi Bradley!

I just wanted to take a second to thank you for all the great advice and help that you've offered me since joining the site.  (I'm trying my best to keep up, I promise!)

I really did not expect to find that, or so many resources and connections here; and it has truly helped me take things to the next level.

Best ten dollars I've ever spent!!

Thanks again,"

Rob Rota

"I'm so glad I found out about New England Actors. It's a fabulous tool! Thank you."



"I was ready to disregard this site as another well-meaning yet ineffective way to market New England performers. How wrong was I? Within a week of uploading my profile, I was contacted to audition and received timely helpful feedback from Bradley on what videos would work for me Thank you Bradley and New England Actors!"
Michelle Violette

"So, I only recently heard about NEActor and joined to check it out, but then there never were many auditions posted so I figured "Why have yet another actors website" and didn't pay attention to when my trial expired.  But right before it did, there was a posting for a SAG Low Budget feature film in Worcester, and I submitted and got an audition!  (Actually, even when I went in the Casting Director jokingly said, "So were you surprised to see a casting notice on NEActor?!"). 
They cast all the major roles from LA and I am the only large (supporting) role that was cast from local actors."
Rachel Parsons (moved to LA and changed her last name!)

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Posted by Jennifer Fillingame on November 26, 2011 at 1:13pm

Cheers to the new Members Victories page and to NEActor!!! Bradley has done an amazing job developing this network for talent and industry professionals.  He's excelled at maintaining the integrity of the site while constantly making improvements actors can benefit from.  Exceptional customer service is not always easy to find these days, but Bradley goes above and beyond.  Each time we’ve spoken I am blown away by how truly committed he is to making this site work for all parties involved and at such an affordable price.  Thank you for all that you do Bradley!  I am honored to be a part of NEActor.  All the best in 2012! –Jen Fillingame

Posted by Bill McLean on July 12, 2010 at 10:13am
I am the owner of Freight Train Films, Inc. and I use this site a lot to find quality, professional talent. If you are an actor on this site - feel free to friend me as I have several projects coming up that I will be casting for. We don't shoot shorts at Freight Train FIlms, we only shoot feature films...

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