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Location: New England
Members: 238
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Male Voices - SAG-AFTRA

Bloomfield, William
(neighborly, believable, therapeutic, fatherly, scholarly, conversational, character narration, announcer, host, edgy, threatening. Accents: British, Southern, Western, Russian, Jewish, German, Boston)

Cacciola, Frank C.

Cammarata, Frank
(rich tones)

Castillo, Oscar
(English and Spanish (generic and/or accents, fluent in both; native Spanish speaker), announcer; audio books, narration; looping; teleprompter; commercial; character voices, cartoon voices; warm, inviting, gentle, soothing, subtle, hard sell, in your face, authoritative; home studio available)

Ciulla, Chris A.
(Everyman, sexy, confident, real. Accents & Dialects: Boston, New York (Brooklyn and Little Italy), Midwest, Chicago, Southern, Texan, British, Cockney, Irish, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Slavic)

Connelly, Danny

Dannison, Charles
(resonant, believable, conversational, announcer, deep, high, warm, friendly, chameleonic, character, cartoonish, fun, directable, precise, malleable, range)

DeAgazio, Richard
(deep resonance, bass, Accents: New England, conversational, leader)

Dio, Bob
(conversational, announcer)

Eames, Curtis
(impressions, excellent mimic. Dialects/accents: Boston, New York, Southern, Midwestern, English, Scottish, Indian, Russian, German, Japanese. Fluent Spanish. Character voices, spokesperson)

Gannon, Russell J.
(distinctive, warm, authoritative, humorous, light, energetic, laid-back, serious)

Haag, John
(warm, conversational. resonant, broad range, character voices.)

Haydu, Peter Edmund
(Accents: standard American, British. Character voices, great range in age and pitch, announcer)

Horn, Paul
("warm but authoritative," documentary, hard or soft sell, high tech, scientific, medical/financial jargon--makes the "dry and technical" alive!)

Kemp, Tom
(accents: BBC English, Cockney, Irish, New England, Boston, NY)

Jorie, Chris
(warm, conversational, announcer, characters, dialects)

Kissel, Jeremiah
(warm, authoritative, Narration, Characters, blue collar, snooty. Dialects and accents: local, Regional, National. Corporate, webcast, sales training, high-speed legal copy)

Konstantine, Evan - (accents & dialects: standard American, Russian, English, Irish, Scottish, Eastern European, Greek, Middle Eastern). Conversational, "announcer")

Minda, Paul
(WBZ 1030am voice, versatile, engaging, believable, dynamic storyteller, corporate-speak to conversational)

Packard, Dana

Palermo, Christopher J.
(accents: Boston, New York, Italian. Straight "newsy" type, sexy rap voice)

Patton, Jim
(Big, conversational, family man, announcer, authoritative, humorous, boisterous, rowdy, characters, booming)

Recto, Kyle
(smart aleck, caring, mischievous.)

Scott, Cory (conversational, quirky, sincere)

Shea, Patrick
(conversational, resonant, announcer)

Stanley, Edward
(conversational, resonant, authentic, announcer, technical, medical, narration)

Thompson, Phil
(vocal Range: baritone, pop, standards, jazz, blues. Deep rich tone, seductive, official, corporate, announcer. Accents: southern, British, midwestern, Irish, Italian, Eastern European)

Thorpe, Bill
(Accents: German, French, Italian, Spanish. Bass, baritone)

Van Dussen, Bradley J.

King, Graham
(Young, Professional, Smooth, Engaging) - 05-2015

Kuhn, Bob
(cultured, crisp, confident, convincing, British - Australian - US fusion, warm, deep, resonant, authoritative)

Littlefield, Greg
(conversational, warm, friendly, low) 01-2017

Long, JJ
(warm, upbeat, natural)

McBride, Josh
(conversational, comedic, announcer)

McGonegal, Mike
(friendly, conversational, matter-of-fact, guy next door, fatherly, deadpan, character voices, baritone/bass.)

Murphy, Larry
(guy next door, mature, friendly, professional, believable, credible, deep resonance, warm.)

Needham, Peter
(pleasant, masculine, announcer, narrator. Accents: Boston)

Norris, Kevin
(deep, rich, reassuring, sexy, commanding, assertive; no (natural) regional, national or ethnic accent.)

Parrella, Richard
(everyman, friendly, comedic, conversational, corporate, announcer, authentic Boston accent upon request)

Patrick, Jared
(characters, conversational, spokesperson. Accents: Irish, New York, Southern, Midwestern, English, Scottish, German)

Pierce, Martin
(calming, warm, relaxing, trusting, all-American, Midwestern)

Richardson, Tom
(announcer, conversational)

Sanders, Evan
(non-regional dialect, Boston accent, formal. narration, conversational)

Shahjehan, Khan
(calm, narrator, conversational, educational, soothing, low register)

Shea, Greg
(warm, deep, authoritative, reassuring, comforting, conversational, announcer, play-by-play Accents: Boston, NYC, Southern, Italian, Irish, French, German, Russian, Indian).

Slocum, Robert

Small, Joseph
(announcer, conversational, warm, Caribbean)

Smith, Steven
(warm, deep, British, melodic, soulful, honest, Cockney (London), crazy (Monty Python), scary, gangster, narrative.)

Torres, Terry
(honest, harmlessly irreverent, hint of evil wizard)

Tracksler, Jack
(no accent. Smooth, believable, audio books, commercials, psa, e-learning, IVR, Santa)

Walker, Michael Forden
(dramatic, comedic and friendly, professional and technical narrator, cartoon characters)

Weekley, Todd
(conversational, character, intellectual, authoritative, dad, warm)

White, Alan - (no regional accent, multiple dialects, character)

Wright, Tony Ramos
(conversational, announcer, narration, spokesperson, friendly)

Wybieracki, Paul Russell

Female Voices - SAG-AFTRA

Amari, Francene

Austin, Carol
(warm, upscale, neighborly, Mom, professional, news reporter, narrator of audiobooks)

* Baade, Jessica - (warm, quirky, conversational, characters, accents, versatile, cold-read, ear prompter.)

Bettencourt, Tanya (2020)
(warm, friendly, hip, young, grounded, sexy)

Bowler, Juliet
(warm, authoritative and engaging. Mezzo Soprano vocally. Accents: Australian, British - BBC English, British – Cockney, British - Lancashire, British – Liverpool, British - Yorkshire, Canadian, French, German, Irish (including Northern), Midwest, New England - Boston, New York, Scottish, Southern)

Chan, Christina
(Versatile, soothing, conversational, real, warm, narrative, Chinese accent, Mom)

Cole, Erin
(accents/dialects: Romanian, Russian, Irish, English, Australian, Southern, Boston)

Cottam, Polly
(low, warm, believable, spokesperson, conversational )

Dennis, Becki
(Accents: British, Cockney, Southern, Boston, New York, Hispanic. Conversational, Reporter)

Dimouro, Sue
(announcer, conversational, corporate, professional, warm. Accents: Boston)

Dore, Charlotte
(British accent, victorian genre: )

Dumont, Drita Protopapa
(announcer, narrator, cConversational, Boston/Massachusetts, slight Southern Accent, business, energetic, positive, cool & soothing; Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish)

Ebling, Jody
(Accents: British, Southern)

Eris, Karen
(business, professional, mom, conversational, dialect-free, Accents: Boston)

Faye, Sheryl
(conversational, medical, professional, Mom, mid-western accent, Russian, southern. Audio Books)

Fazia, Nicole (2020)
(friendly, teen, young adult, millennial, child, baby, animation, cartoon, animals, gen z, Spanish, British)

Goodman, Emma
(Irish, British and Southern/Appalachian accents, warm, friendly, conversational or formal)

Gordon, Kim
(Neutral mid-Atlantic speech, conversational, announcer. Accents: BBC English, southern)

Harte, Jane
(conversational, Spanish, narrator, versatile, intelligent, compassionate, medical, technical, financial, characters.)

Gordon, Phyllis
(energetic, upbeat, conversational, jargon, comedic, dialects)

Hayden, Christine
(upbeat, friendly, conversational)

Jacobs, Elaina Vrattos (07-2015)
(diverse, dynamic, powerful, conversational, creative, persuasive, sultry, funny, animated, narration, accents, characters)

Kean, Kelly:

Kempskie, Nicole
(warm, cheerful, bright, expressive, intelligent, conversational, energetic, versatile.)

Keel, Keena
(warm, friendly, tags, announcer, conversational)

Legge, Corrie

Lentol, Cindy
(young, raspy, energetic, precise and clear)

Lewis, Jamie Sara
(natural, conversational, sexy, smooth, raspy, inviting, warm, playful, trustworthy, confident, just one of the guys, your best friend)

Love, Alicia
(warm, up-beat, fun, announcer,) (07-2015)

Lyman, Andrea
(corporate spokesperson, warm mom, character. Accents: Southern, Texan, Upper British, French, Cockney, Urban)

Niederkorn, Mary - (06-2014)
(upscale, professional, warm, character voices, Operatic soprano. Accents: all-American, British, Eastern European, Italian, Irish, Jewish, Russian)

O"Connor, Julie - (07-2015)
(youthful, upbeat, warm)

Pellegrino, Elena
(Accents: Boston, Italian. Motherly, Boston or Italian accent,warm, friendly, professional or everyday person)

Passeltiner, Eve
(conversational, warm, energetic, character, accents: British, Irish, German, French, Russian, Australian, Spanish. All ages, medical & scientific jargon)

Pillsbury, Polly

Proude, Michele
(warm, conversational to announcer, teen to mom, reporter, friendly, authoritative. Accents: neutral and Boston)

Schloss, Sabrina

Wachtler, Alison
(energetic, narrator, cartoon voices, sexy, fun, comforting, natural, character, spokeswoman, everyday person voice. Accents:New York and Southern. Businesswomen, mom, best- friend)

Wilkins, Maria
(corporate, warm & friendy, conversational. Accents: Boston & neutral)
Female Voices - Non-Union

Adame, Jessica (09-2014)
(upbeat, energetic, confident, warm, friendly, fun, clear, girl-next-door, quirky, animated, bright, sprightly, fun-loving)

Alexander, Tre (11-2016)
(Accents: neutral & southern. Hosting, broadcasting, cartoon voices)

Alpert, Carole
(friendly, conversational, warm, happy)

Amador, Rosi
(friendly, sparkling, expressive, pleasing, warm, enthusiastic, childlike, fun, professional, serious, formal)

Antkowiak, Jennifer
(conversational, announcer, spokesperson, warm, friendly, classy, sophisticated, sexy, deep, full, professional, young-middle aged, energetic, sweet, melodic. Accents: Boston, flat & southern)

Avallone, Kate
(warm, character, conversational, best friend/neighbor)

Badaracco, Luisa
(friendly, warm, maternal, cheery, kind, professional)

Bennett, Leslie
(natural, friendly, trustworthy, authoritative, upbeat, energetic, sophisticated, sensual)

Bergeron, René
(warm, energetic, sensual)

Blot, Theodora
(conversational, warm, inviting, friendly, genuine, confident, humorous, relaxed, reassuring, professional)

Bonin, Heather
(Accents: American, British, Southern, Spanish pronunciation. Announcer, conversational, monotone (flat), mid-lower range female vocals, serious, angry, excited, happy, silly, narration, motherly, dry, sarcastic)

Boudreau, Michelle
(quirky, fun, silly, warm, caring, conversational, animated, bright, smart, youthful, genuine)

Bridges, Demetria
(Inviting, soothing, warm, motherly, sensual, alluring, velvety, uplifting, no-nonsense, conversational, professional)

Brooks, Cindy
((natural, warm, sexy, clear, smooth, corporate, American English))

Bubriski, Jennifer
(warm, maternal, caring, believable, trustworthy, executive, corporate, commanding, character, humorous, whimsical, playful)

Burton-Vazquez, Ilian- Spanish only

Clemmer, Kristen (resonant, gravitas, jazzy, fun, energetic, intelligent, calming, serious, dry humor, sarcastic, confident, announcer, cnversational)

Elizabeth, Kara
(various accents, conversational, girl next door, announcer, child's voice, trained singer (soprano w/belt))

Evans, Amy - (warm, friendly, cheerful, encouraging, soothing, confident, announcer, narrator)

Falanga, Michelle - 2015 NEABO winner
(warm real voice, natural inflections, quirky girl, accents (Jersey, cockney, irish, southern), also can do characters and creatures.)

Ferrara, Mary C.
(newscaster, rich, warm, conversational, wry, cool mom. Accents: British, Irish, Italian, Mexican, Midwestern, Northeast Regional, Southern)

Dellatte, Paula (2017)
(authoritative, articulate, motherly, everyday conversational, Accents; Brooklyn/New York, British, Italian.)
Pease, Wendy - 2021

Smith, Finley (2016)
(warm, youthful, compassionate, contemporary, conversational)

Flanagan, Tulip
(informative, friendly, compassionate, expository, bright, earnest, reflective, neighborly, journalistic)

Fournier, Carlyne
(conversational, soft spoken, reporter, motherly. Accents: French)

Gates, Angie
(Accents: Spanish, Southern, Nuyorican, English, Jamaican)

Gaudette, Melissa
(conversational, warm, friendly, announcer, smooth, sexy, perky, natural, sincere, upbeat)

Glassman, Miriam
(conversational, warm, smooth, comedic, mother, friendly, quirky girl, sincere. Accents: Boston, NY, Southern, French, British, Valley girl)

Gleason, Kathy
(soothing, assuring, sultry, warm, compelling)

Gordon, Kim
(Neutral mid-Atlantic speech, conversational, announcer. Accents: BBC English, southern)

Helmich, Portland
(professional, articulate, professorial, warm, announcer, inspiring)

Hennessy, Amanda Good
(Accents: English, Yorkshire, Appalachian, Southern, Boston, New York. Soothing, pleasant, articulate, conversational, announcer, mom.)

Howcroft, Tiffany
(mature, melodic, strong, assuring, fun, quirky and energetic.)

Iagnemma, Catherine
(natural conversational, polished, professional, engaging, soothing, silky. mom, upbeat, playful)

Jacob, Joell
(natural, real, subtle, articulate, personable, real, un-announcer, authoritative, friendly, smooth, rich, alto, warm, smokey, relaxing, news anchor, narration, conversational, medical, pharmaceutical, jargon)

Jay, Susan
(clear, articulate, professional, calm, soothing, compassionate, narration, medical)

Joyner, Sonya-narration only

Kalaora, Judith
(Regal, Mature, Playful, Energized, Charismatic, Intense, Gripping, Clear, Friendly)

Kerins, Annie
(Accents: Polish, standard British, Cockney, Boston, Irish, Southern. Fresh, Funny, Professional, Sensitive, Salesgirl)

Kfoury, June
(accents: Boston, New England, Southern, Texan, British, Italian, Middle Eastern. Conversational, announcer, audiobook, audio books, warm, inviting, business, professional, motherly, lively, funny, empathetic, impassioned)

Lavoie, Lisa Marie
(appealing, modulated, serious, intellectual, fun, sexy)

Lewis, Noni
(warm, engaging, mellifluous British voice. Character, corporate, commercial.)

Lloyd, Tess
(warm, engaging, natural, documentary, narration, high tech, scientific, medical, financial. Accents: British, European, North American -southern, mid-western, urban and New England)

Mahoney, Kate
(Confident, compassionate, polished, professional, warm, soothing, well-educated, sexy or sarcastic.)

Martell, Lindsay
(warm, friendly, snarky, bratty teen, professional, news reporter, anchor, mom, girl next door)

McMichael, Ali (01-2017)

Morris, Melanie
(conversational, announcer, broadcast, friendly, soothing, sultry, "don't mess with me" voice, authoritative.)

Muhs, Shannon
(no accent, warm, friendly, engaging, sincere, conversational, announcer)

Navarro, Herlin
(commercial, announcer, conversational, fluent Spanish)

Nettleton, Lindy
(Accents: English (standard RP), Cockney, Scottish, Irish. Conversational, announcer, characters, audio books, medical pronunciation a specialty)

Pacheco, Rosemary

Pizzuti, Laura
(Accents: Boston)

Power, Christine (professional, medical, conversational, announcer, mom, authoritative, sexy. Accents/Dialects: Boston, New York, American Southern, Appalachian, Standard British/RP, Palestinian)

Rapoport, Robin Ann
(Accents: American Southern, Standard British, Russian)

Rapp, Jeanie
(playful, warm, energetic, encouraging, bright, methodical, happy, smokey)

Rainville, Jessica
(young, fun, upbeat, child, teen, conversational, character)

Sangiolo, Mary Jane Brennan
(Accents: Southern, British; Cockney)

Saviolakis, Monica
(warm, motherly, converstaional, spokesperson)

Shahawy, Shireen S.
(warm announcer, high-energy announcer, approachable corporate, elearning narration)

Smith, Amanda
(youthful, bright, girl next-door, animated, cheerful, childish, musical, sympathetic, sweet)

Sullivan, Gail

Small, Cynthia - (2017)
(reliable, knowledgeable, authoritative.,offbeat, cool and sophisticated, enthusiastic and impassioned, snarky, sarcastic.)

Strukus, Wanda
(warm, energetic, professional, character)

Taber, Beth
(warm, friendly, professional, announcer, sultry, cultured, narrator, guide)

Tagami, Tianna
(friendly, conversational, educational)

Trentalange, Leslie
(young, adult, happy, upbeat, energetic, Accents: Boston, Southern, Maine, English. Professional, announcer, conversational.)

Tyrrell, Jennifer
(relateable, honest, excited, happy, sensual, fun, warm)

Veraguas, Randy Zella
(soothing, compassionate, caring, persuasive, honest, warm, comforting, cartoon, funny, on hold, story telling, compelling, assuring, assertive, professional, clear, fresh, young, old, country, girl next door, jazzy, silly, medical, narrative, conversational, announcer. Accents: British, Texan, French)

Wagner, Kristy

Wilson, Kim
(conversational, girl next door, warm, motherly, funny, energetic, calm, sweet, empathetic, confident, friendly, smooth)

Wiseman, Veronica
(announcer, narrator, characters, smooth, senior)


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