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A year ago I was sitting at 246lbs, 13% body fat...a year later Im at 198Lbs, 6% body fat..No magic app or pill.just hard work and diet

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Posted by Mickey Gilmore on July 18, 2017 at 11:50am

I stopped eating processed foods, Mickey D's, BK,Taco Bell, KFC,Wendy's and SUB shops also DD ( Except Bagels with cream cheese/salmon spread) Its a Jewish thing...Only Black Coffee with a little sugar...i do have a thing for SKITTLES that's my weakness still.....Working out is the easy part, Its the diet that is the toughest especially at my old age...The guys on-line who are jacked up target 20 somethings that great but very few target the 40's-50's guys...Hey, if Its about the money and it always is. We usually have the higher % of cash...Just a thought..Then target the guys who maybe were once in great shape but now are to busy with life to get back in shape...They have to give us a good reason to start...

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