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Edge of Darkness Driving at South Station

The full story for those of you who worked in Boston today (10/16/08) and were driving around South Station. Yes, I was broken down! I didn't even get one lap around the route, and the clutch cable in my 1993 Volvo snapped, leaving me with 5 gears of neutral! :O Desperately I yanked on the shift, pushed pedal to floor, but no go. So there I was, blocking traffic. I put my hazards on. The horns started. I waved them around me. More horns. I opened the driver door, and threw every ounce of my 190 pounds into the doorframe and moved said Swedish station wagon. There's a reason they call them bricks! So now I only blocked one lane. Cabbies trying to take left hand turns roared up to my bumper, leaned on the horn, cut the wheel hard right and missed my rear bumper by inches as they tore off. Drivers flew by flipping me the finger. Like sure. I stopped here on purpose to ruin your day. Called Grace and told here to tell someone in production I'm broken down. A few minutes later she called back saying that they said, "It's OK. He's got a walkie." Which I didn't. Called AAA. "I'm right near the Post Office by South Station blocking traffic!" "Oh, we'll put you on priority! It should only be a half-hour wait." Two cop cars drove by. Made me feel proud I was getting a good return on my tax money. I popped the hood. Put it up high, hopefully providing a useful hint to the line of cars behind me. Some got the message. AAA calls back. "Wrecker's delayed, because of all the congestion there." "Yeah," I said. "Wonder why." Wrecker shows, 45 minutes later, blocks both lanes, gets me towed to the shop and back home. Jumped in the car. Parked in the lot. Got back to holding just in time to be wrapped.

Call it a day!

But I want to thank those of you who drove by, and offered some kind word at the red light or offered a regretful gesture at my plight. It could have been worse! Like blocking both lanes on Storrow Drive friday at 5 while raining.

Count your blessings.

Check your cables.

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Posted by Jeff Kincannon on January 31, 2009 at 12:02pm
I was one of those people who drove by you and asked if you needed help, horrible experience. But nice to see you made it back. BTW, Edge of Darkness is sceduled for release Nov 11th 2009. Hope all is well.

Posted by Chris Conte on October 17, 2008 at 9:38am
Thanks Bradley! Not to sound too Pollyanna-ish, trying to find some shred of positive is what enables you to survive, and go on to lead a happier life.

NYC & New England
Posted by Bradley J. Van Dussen on October 17, 2008 at 9:20am
Whoa! Not a good experience, but you showed how to make a negative into a positive!

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