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Last week our first film showing of Inventory, made me very happy, just to play a little omage to Jackie Chan..

So as I sat in the theatre at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, getting ready to see Inventory on the big screen for the

first time, I was happy.


I had already seen the film, from a dvd I received from the director Justin Fielding about 101 times.


I guess you can say we were all happy, the whole cast and crew.


I mean, you have to say I am lucky, how many people that are actors, can actually play omage, to their idols, in my case Jackie Chan.


Now I am not just, talk about walking in the background, and for the first time...I could see that I could really act.


I made people laugh so had, everytime I was on the screen, you could hardly hear anything else in the theatre.


I am told, I can make people laugh alot, but when if I don't watch myself, how do I know how truly funny I was?


Now on this site, in respect, I can't really explain exactly what I had said in the film, but it made people laugh,

and to know I can do this, at playing crazy characters, and going on for minutes at a time...making people laugh,

actually feels pretty good.


Then to see that I actually can really act, is a good feeling too.


But it is also a really great feeling to take something that has meant so much to me and add it

into my character..."Jackie (Chan) Maria", swinging nun-chucks also.


I guess it was good to come back to Boston for one nite.


Oh did I mention, yes I did move to Maine and I have truly been training twice a week for a year before work

in Tai Chi, with my teacher Ahura Z.


Who says, dreams, can't come true...

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