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From Chris Conte to You

C'mon Down!!

260,000 miles?!? That's a moonshot!! What took an Apollo 3 days only took Corolla 14 years :)

Anyone who has a car issue on this movie should get a nickname. And since I've been so named "Clutch," by the power vested in me, I designate you...."Alt." Quick. Pithy. and Electrical. Not as sexy as "Tesla," but first come, first served :)

(And by the way, why didn't you post "schmicknames" as a response to my blog? That way other people could see it and share your plight!)

From Mark S. Cartier to Chris Conte
Sent 1 day ago

Well, while I did not earn a nickname (not to my knowledge, at least), I added to the list of Edge of Darkness drivers with car troubles last night.
We shot an interior scene at the old Malden Hospital yesterday morning and then 10 of us hung around all day to do a night driving shot in the parking lot. As soon as we lined up to rehearse, I noticed that my battery warning light had come on, and sure enough my lights soon began to dim and my car died in about an hour. Someone jumped me, but then the car made an ungodly sound and died again when I attempted to move it. The general consensus was that it was my alternator. I waited an hour for my insurance company to send a shady towtruck driver who proceeded to fleece me for a tow back to West Bridgewater. So much for the overtime I earned.
So my 1994 Toyota Corolla with 260,000 miles on it has served me long and well, but I believe it's time to pay a visit to Ernie Boch and consider getting a new one.
What is it about Edge of Darkness and car troubles?
Take care,

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Posted by Mark S. Cartier on November 14, 2008 at 8:42pm
Thanks, Bradley, but my wife insists on a new car. No inherited woes, in theory.

NYC & New England
Posted by Bradley J. Van Dussen on November 14, 2008 at 4:22pm
Buyng a used car? I implore you to try Good Works Auto Sales in Ashland, I know the owner.

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