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Diana Porter
  • Female
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Diana Porter knows these actors:

  • John Campanello
  • Dan Marshall
  • Michael Maggiani
  • Tess Lloyd
  • Richard Parrella
  • David W. Cook
  • Carlyne Fournier
  • Kate Crowley
  • Tiffany Howcroft
  • Kenneth Siddons
  • Paul Lussier
  • Duncan Putney
  • Becki Dennis
  • Matt Bouldry of C.P. Casting
  • Mark Scalia

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For a Good Time Call                      Alice/Lead                                         Nihil Noctem

Looker                                                Abby/Lead                                        Elazon

Mary Loss of Soul                            Devra/Supporting                             OakIvy

400 Beacon                                        Adelaide Still/Supporting               Longyear Museum

Innsmouth                                          Det. Olmstead/Lead                         Nihil Noctem

Trinity                                                Sam/Supporting                                Harvest Tide    

Misdirection                                      Ester/Lead                                         The 989 Project

Fraternitas                                         Stephanie/Lead                                  Pip Films

Devil May Care                                Death/Supporting                             Transparent Frog Films

The Target                                         Call Girl/Featured                             Camp 9 Films

Picket                                                 Church Lady/Lead                            Nihil Noctem Films

The Actor                                          Coach/Supporting                             Harvest Tide

Half Pint                                             Mom/Supporting                               OCD Associates

Ave Maria                                         Priestess/Supporting                         Harvest Tide

The Final Shift                                  Alpha/Supporting                               Wild Beagle

Earl Grey                                            Mae/Lead                                              BSJ Presents

664: The Neighbor of the Beast     Ann/Supporting                                  Lazy Horde Productions


Rock Band 4 Typhanee Stott-Walker Harmonix Music Systems

Welch’s Sparkling Turkey Woman/Principle Welch’s

Rock Band 4                                     Typhanee Stott-Walker                      Harmonix Music Systems

Welch's Sparkling                            Turkey Woman/Principal                   Welch's

NH State Lottery                              Nurse/Principal                                    DGA Productions

Dunkin Donuts                                 Scooter Girl/Principal                         Hill Holiday

First Responders                               Firefighter/Principal                           Hero's For Hire

Staple's                                               Dancing Employee/Principal            Flat Iron Works

Cardi's                                                Furniture Salesperson/Principal        Cardi's Furniture                                            Mom/Principal                           

CVS                                                    Teri the Pharmacist/Principal             StarTrak Studios

Expressway Toyota                         Customer/Principal                               CRG

FM Global                                         Product Manager/Principal                 Aadventures

Tiverton Volvo                                Wife/Principal                                         Shotgun Media

TGIFriday's                                       Guest/Principal                                      ADMA Media

Performance Nutrition                    Yoga Mom/Principal                             Axion Media

NH State Lottery                             Teacher /Principal                                  Vigilante Monkey

The New Phonics Game                  Ref/Principal                                         Shotgun Productions



Profile Information

Member's contact info (email and phone or agent):
Member's acting, voice or modeling website:
Member's age range:
36-40, 41-45
Member's Affiliations:
Portray-able or Actual Biological Look:
Caucasian / White
Member's PHYSICAL TRAITS (use format on the "Before Applying" page)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5’8
Eyes: Green
Hair length: Shoulder Length
Hair color: Red/Auburn
Dress: 8
Member's Performance Skills:
Badminton, Bicycling-general, Billiards-Pool, Canoeing, Card Playing - Poker, Card Playing - Texas Hold 'em, Cry-on-Cue, Driving - car, Equestrian - general, Fencing, Hiking, Improvisation, Stage Combat, Swimming - general ability, Volleyball - general ability, Yoga
Recent noteworthy acting experience (use the format on the Before Applying page):
For A Good Time Call - Alice (lead) - Nihil Noctem
Looker - Abby (lead) - Elazon Productions
Trinity - Sam (supporting) - Harvest Tide Productions
Misdirection - Esther (lead) - The 989 Project
Fraternitas - Stephanie (lead) - Pip Films
Raptus - Mae (lead) - BSJ Presents
The Final Shift - Alpha - Wild Beagle Productions
Misconceptions - Elise (lead) - RIFC
Earl Grey - Mae (lead) - BSJ Presents
Half Pint - Mother - OCD Associates
The Target - The Other Woman - Camp 9 Films
Almost Human - Diana Stewart - The 989 Project
Monster Hunter - Vampress
The Final Shift (PostProduction) - Adele/Alpha - Wild Beagle Productions
The Bond - Extra - Pip Productions
CO2 - Extra - Wild Beagle Productions
Monster Around The World - Trump - Monster Worldwide
Blood is Thicker - Elizabeth - Emerson
Eye For an Eye - Lead - Overstim Productions
Save The Rim - Lead Protestor -Lazy Horde Productions
The Merchandise - Ladybird - Overstim Productions

664: The Neighbor of the Beast - Ann Parque (5 episodes) - Lazy Horde Productions

The Bob Show- Spiderboy - Mary Joan - Megastar Productions

My Summer as a Mermaid - Waitress - Acme
The Women - Peggy Day - NCT
The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Magenta - FullBody Cast
The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Janet - FullBody Cast
Love Song - Mary - Emerson
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern - Gertrude - Loose Cannon Players
The Boyfriend - Dulcie - WHS Players
Anything Goes - Chorus - WHS Players
Training or acting classes (class name, teacher & where):
Acting Coach, Jock MacDonald, Boston Straeon
Improv 101, James Dwyer - Upright Citizens Brigade
Meisner Level 2 - Lyralyn Kaye
Audition Workshop - Angela Peri
Drama Level 1 & 2 - David Dubin
Other non-acting related work, hobbies or charities (not skills) in which this actor is involved (1 or 2 word descriptions):
Modeling, cooking, baking, gardening, poker, Family Promise Metrowest (Charity), Prison Book Program (Charity), Hiking
VOICE ARTISTS ONLY [you must have a professional demo to upload]: illustrative 1-word descriptions for this actor's voice (e.g. conversational, announcer, warm, etc.):
Vocal Range: Alto
Vocal Range: Mezzo Soprano


British - Cockney
New England - Boston
New York

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At 6:49pm on October 19, 2013, Kate Avallone said…

I did! And thanks! It was a great time. That's where I met Rob. Hope to see you around soon! :o)

At 7:45pm on April 16, 2013, Smidi Waters said…
Hey Diana! Yes i was great seeing you and the rest of the crew. I had a great time.
At 7:46pm on March 25, 2013, Isabel McGinty said…

Thank you so much Diana!  I look forward to working with you too.

At 4:33pm on May 17, 2012, Jack Burk Goldman said…

Hi Diana,

It will be intense. I will keep you posted. Thanks for your interest.

At 6:00am on May 17, 2012, Jack Burk Goldman said…

HI Diana, It is always fun bumping into you and last night at the NE Actors event is no exception. I was happy to see you and catch up with some of the things you are doing. You looked beautiful on those stilletto heels. I would love to work with you some day but not as a protagonist. Best of luck always. 

At 8:30pm on March 12, 2012, Carlyne Fournier said…

hello beautiful lady : )

So glad to have run into you the other night on set...

At 9:14pm on June 22, 2011, Duncan Putney said…
Don't forget to put hand model on your skills and add a shot of your beautiful hands to your photos.
At 11:02am on June 17, 2011, Duncan Putney said…
Welcome to new England Actors!!! How's my favorite throat slitter doing?

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