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Clips in order of appearance:
-"Lost in Bloom" - dir. Michael Messina
*Official Selection for 2015 RIIFF Vortex Film Festival*
**Winner of 2015 Providence Underground Film Festival Award for Best Film**
-"Permanent" - Heartworks Productions, dir. John Moselich
*Official Selection for 2015 Blow-Up Arthouse Film Festival*
-"Crossing Paths" - Story Street Productions, dir. Paul Medico
*Official Selection for 2015 Shawna Shea Film Festival & 2016 Flagler Film Festival*
-"Voluntary Paralysis" - Pica Films, dir. Matt Relstab
*Official Selection for 2015 Massachusetts Independent Film Festival*
-"Moments From A Sidewalk" - dir. Silvia Kovatchev
*2015 The IndieFEST- Award of Merit: Leading Actress*

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