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Posted by Kevin Kate on July 4, 2013 at 10:32am

A short fantasy by Kevin Kate

Blah, blah, blah, blah 

I’ve heard, as one gets older one loses their abilities. It’s not true. Now, decades later I have time, sweet, precious enduring-time: time to write, to create, to pursue dreams and even to make up dreams for fun and embrace life like no other period of my existence. For when I was young I was a burden to my care takers. It seems they barely had enough for themselves. And, they were confused, at times, they would only occasionally reap the joys life can bring. I hated being a burden! Oh, I hated being a burden! I can’t say that enough because my mere existence meant that they had less, and not have quite enough. Oh god, anything but causing others pain and suffering. If I could only dress myself and walk out the door and labor to bring back all the necessities for all and more. I would make so much I could give most away and still have enough for myself and my dears. If only, though, at not quite a year old, my muscles and coordination abilities would not respond to my desires easily, to move about as my dears did, and to curse and fuss over banalities, no I would have to wait and wait, I don’t want to wait! I want to help them now! And as the failings came, so came the wishes of non existence, why was ever I born, and  in spite persisted all the same. The child is releasing all the anguish caused by not being able to help by merely writing these words down. Well, at least I am not a burden now, my muscles will do precisely what I tell them to do and now I’ll make much more than enough for all and spread joy throughout the world and beyond! After all, the devil is a sham, now exposed into the light where hiding is impossible!

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