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Mickey Gilmore
  • Male
  • Boston, MA
  • United States
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Mickey Gilmore's Groups


Actor: Mickey Gilmore... SAG/AFTRA and StuntMan

Voice Files:


Profile Information

Member's contact info (email and phone or agent):
Mickey Gilmore
617-852-6295 (Cell) New Cell
Member's acting, voice or modeling web site:
Member's age range:
41-45, 46-50, 51-55
Member's Affiliations:
Portray-able or Actual Biological Look:
Caucasian / White
Member's PHYSICAL TRAITS (use format on the "Before Applying" page)
Format for Men:
Ethnicity: Caucasian, Irish, Italian and Russian:
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 196
Build or Body Style: Athletic / Muscular / Square Jaw / Large Shoulders/ Broad Chest / Thick Neck / Boxer/Fighter Looking. Ex-NFL,
Eyes: Green/Hazel
Hair Length: Shaven
Hair: Color: Blonde
Suit: 45R
Shirt: 35/36 XL
Sleeve: 36
Neck: 16
Shoe: 11
Inseam: 33
Waist: 35
Glove: XL
Body Markings: Ears Pierced
Language Fluency: English
Portray-able Real-sounding Accents: Boston, New England, New York

Police, SWAT,Bounty Hunter,, Bank Robber, Money Man, Firefighter, Airport Security, Military, Police Officer, S.W.A.T, Military, Government/Undercover Agent/Private Investigator, White/Blue Collar, Drug Dealer, Boss, Tough Guy, Fugitive Recovery Agent/Bounty Hunter.
Open to new roles.
Portrayable & believable accents or dialects (e.g. Southern, Chinese, Spanish, German, Boston, etc.):
Boston, New York, Southern, English, Children's Accents, Russian
Member's Performance Skills:
Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Boxing, Card Playing - Bridge, Card Playing - Rummy, Card Playing - Spades, Card Playing - Poker, Diving, Driving - precision, Driving - car, Driving - stick shift-standard, Firearms - pistols, Firearms - rifles, Football, Golf, Green screen, Ice Skating, Impressionist, Lacrosse, Motorcycle Riding - general, Rollerblading, Shooting - revolver, Snow Skiing - general, Soccer, Softball, Stage Combat, Swimming - general ability, Teleprompter, Voice Artist Only, Voices-characters, Weight Lifting
Recent acting experience (use the format on the Before Applying page):
Cadaver: Boston Cop Dir. Diederik Van Rooijen 2017
The Polka King: Prison Guard Dir. Maya Forbes 2016
Nothing to Lose: Cop Dir. Wes Williams II 2016
Patriot's Day: BPD Bombing/SWAT Member Dir. Peter Berg 2016
The Purge 3: Dant'e Military Security Dir: James DeMonaco 2016
Central Intelligence: Bartender Dir. Rawson Marshall Thurber 2016
District C-11: Man In Black Dir. Wes Williams II 2016
November Criminals: Officer Ramm Dir. Sacha Gervasi 2016
A Life Not To Follow: Detective Dir. Christopher DiNunzio 2016
Broad Squad: Boston Police Officer Dir. Coky Giedoyc 2015
Spin The Plate: Bailiff Dir. Eric Eastman 2014
The Beast Of Verant City: (Short) Chess Player Dir.Jake Humphrey 2014
The Court: (Short) Keeper Dir. Adam Schaffer 2014
Stay With Me: (Short) Rhino Dir. Nickolas Jagelski 2014
Synapse: (Short) Bodyguard Dir. Dorsey Britton 2014
The Equalizer: Thug Dir. Antoine Fuqua 2014
American Hustle: 70's Cab Driver Dir. David O Russell 2013
Vargas: Principal Dir. Danny Horgan - 2012
Staying Afloat: Script Supervisor and P.A. Dir.Trista Allman - 2012
The Heat: "Stand In" F.B.I. Agent Dir. Paul Feig - 2012
The Heat: Prison Inmate- "D.O.C." Dir. Paul Feig - 2012
Ghostbuster's: Precision Driver Dir. Paul Feig 2016

Have worked on 15+ featured films since 2012 in several different capacities

Commercial: Pitchman Charles Terrill 2017
Neon Alley: Bouncer Dir. Valdimir Minuty 2016 Jim Dir. Alex Terrill 2015
Health Dialog: William Dir. Don Raymond 2014
Doritos, Always a Hit (T.V. Movie): Mob Captain Dir. David Wenzel 2014
Kodak Inc. "Model" Kodak Inc.1972
Training or acting classes (class name, teacher & where):
Method Acting Personnel Acting Coach Molli Benson Boston/L.A.
Cold Reading/Monologue Workshop: Boston, Ma
Acting for beginners classes 1 and 2 Nick Lazio, N.Y.C.
Advanced Voice Over Workshop 1 & 2: Wren Ross, Waltham
Choreographed Stunt Fighting: Anthony Hoang and Gabrial Bryant: Boston
Stock Car Precision Driving: Skip Barber Racing School, Florida
Mass. State Police NRA certified.LTC-002 firearms.Vincent J. Furfaro Boston
Mass. Motorcycle Class Class A License Massachusetts instructor: Boston
Mass. Drivers Class D License Massachusetts instructor:Boston
Carpenter's Care Union, Iora Health: Improvise Patients: Shannon Mills
Boston Red Sox: Baseball Player/Improvise Ricky Vasquez
Boxing; Ken Mclean Boston
Other non-acting related work, hobbies or charities (not skills) in which this actor is involved (1 or 2 word descriptions):
Stock Market understanding and trading them
Taking care of others
Crohn's & Colitis
Military History
Classic Car's
N.D.P.H. (New Daily Persistent Headache)
VOICE ARTISTS ONLY [you must have a professional demo to upload]: illustrative 1-word descriptions for this actor's voice (e.g. conversational, announcer, warm, etc.):
Baritone, Children, Warm, Southern, Strong, Authoritative, Soft, Raspy, Loud, Announcer.

Biography of Mickey G.

My great-grandfather who's name was Sander Bieber ( No relation ) was a wonderful man who happened to be an accomplished theatre actor in Boston starting in the early part of the 20th century. He primarily worked in Boston's Yiddish Theater groups. I wear a ring with respect and admiration that was made for him by his fellow colleagues that has "The Janus Masks" or from what many others call it "The Theatre Masks". It reminds me daily of what type of dedication, persistence and that "never give up" attitude on something your truly passion about no matter what it is. I was honored to have this passed down to me, showing what we all know? Hard work, determination and a nothing is going to be handed to you "attitude" in life.

  I was doing performances ie, theatre, magic Really anything to show how much I love to perform ( Being a Ham ) in front of people starting around 6 for family members.  Mostly improv with colorful storyboards before (I ever knew what a storyboard was) however I did stick to a simple format regardless of the story or material so they would make some kind of sense. My grandmother used to make my costumes by hand and some of them were pretty loud and crazy looking, from top hats that never fit right or a black cane that was the size of my entire body. Even clothing material was from old bed sheets, pillow cases, 2nd and 3rd hand me downs from where ever she got the material it never matter that I sometimes looked like Cross-dressed homeless kid. All of this was in done for me because she love to sew and I was showing an interest in the Arts where it was predominant in and all around my family. Most of the materiel I did was comedic in nature and knowing then at an early age how an applause made you feel.. It was euphoric.

 I have worked at the Highest areas of Wall Street in NYC to the Street of Boston in Law Enforcement. So I seem to have some street smarts to school smarts. I was always a pretty good athlete since I could remember. Playing everything from Football, Baseball, Lacrosse, Hockey, basketball and even a little Boxing. A fun fact: I even Tried out as a defensive back for the NY Jets at Hofstra University on a dare from friends while in NYC because ( I was fast as lighting on the field). I did make it? but I did get to suit up for almost two weeks on the practice field (Pretty Cool).

  The Entertainment industry was almost in my backyard but I had to be practical and "Take a Real" job. The funny thing was? I was in a position of training and soaking up all I could which seemed at the time, "Was a part of acting" and when an opportunity came along on another "dare" so to speak from a family member, I took it.. I put two pictures up on Boston Casting to be an extra and I was called to work on a feature film. I fell in love immediately about the whole process of making films and being on-set is educational if you take advantage of it. I studied everything I could from anyone who would help. Like anything else, I was successful in everything I worked hard at and I knew this would be the hardest thing to date. I took nothing for granted and soaked up anything I could from wherever I could. Working as a PA just to get the idea of what it would take to be on a set for 3 months, to being a "Clapper".  It's only been 4+ years and I'm already getting supporting roles while I keep soaking up the craft as much as I can...I started out just knowing making a good name for myself was important and with what I do best, Hard Work and add the drive of a lifetime of creativity, I think I'm already successful....I heard people say that you need to "change" who you are to be successful and I have found that just being myself, so far so good...Why change something that is already working...Just like anything else, you just need to improve and adjust to when and where. The script remain to be written about me but Its still early, I'm not in a box yet, so I'm not going to "act" like I'm in one..( Like that LOL )..I practice what I preach and I follow my own advice....Hope to meet you in the middle!!!!!

Mickey Gilmore's Videos

Performance Updates: recent acting endeavors, gigs or auditions:

Mickey Gilmore posted a performing update
"Mickey G. is going to work as a stuntman on a new feature film. Thanks to Nikki O'Brien."
Apr 13
Mickey Gilmore posted a performing update
"Mickey G. became the new pitchman for""
Mar 10
Mickey Gilmore posted a performing update
"Mickey G. auditioned for a new commercial and.was offered the role on the spot.."
Feb 7
Mickey Gilmore posted a performing update
"Mickey G. Has has several auditions for several different projects in the last couple of weeks.""""""
Dec 14, 2016
Mickey Gilmore posted a performing update
"Mickey G. Has had 2 more auditions and was offered a new role in one of them"""""
Nov 16, 2016
Mickey Gilmore posted a performing update
"Mickey G. has has 3 auditions in 4 days for 3 new feature films .""""
Oct 13, 2016
Mickey Gilmore posted a performing update
"Mickey G. was offered a role in The Polka King. Thanks LDI Casting.."""
Aug 3, 2016
Mickey Gilmore posted a performing update
"Mickey G. had a few new auditions thanks to Boston Casting.""
Aug 1, 2016
Mickey Gilmore posted a performing update
"Mickey G. Had an Audition for LDI casting for a new feature film."
Jul 15, 2016
Mickey Gilmore posted a performing update
"Mickey G. just finished A music video for Neon Alley. Dir. Valdimir Minuty..""
Jul 12, 2016
Mickey Gilmore posted a performing update
"Mickey G. was offered a role in a new project from Conductor Casting. Thanks Flossie..."
Jun 21, 2016
Mickey Gilmore posted a performing update
"Have three new auditions next week for film, commercial and print"
May 27, 2016
Mickey Gilmore posted a performing update
"Offered a role in Patriots Day as a Boston Cop/ Swat Member Dir. Peter Berg"
May 11, 2016
Mickey Gilmore posted a performing update
"Mickey G. was offered a new Role in Nothing to Lose.. Dir. Wes Williams II Profile:""
Mar 21, 2016
Mickey Gilmore posted a performing update
"Mickey G. had two really great auditions through Profile:"
Feb 23, 2016
Mickey Gilmore posted a performing update
"Mickey G. was cast in a commercial for Dir. by Alex Terrill""""""
Sep 28, 2015

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At 6:21am on November 5, 2015, Nicolas Villamizar said…

Thanks Mickey. Keep Rocking On

At 1:17pm on April 29, 2014, Jay Street said…
Thanks Mickey! Good luck tomorrow. Let's stay in touch.
At 12:17pm on August 31, 2013,
Charles Everett (Charlie) Tacker

They should have let you fly the kite!!!

At 12:39pm on December 5, 2012, Nate Haynes said…

It has been slow but I will keep pushing. I just finish one of two of the projects I had this month. My bigger one is on the 15-16th.

At 11:25pm on August 19, 2012, Nicolas Villamizar said…

Hi Mickey. 

Thanks for your note.

The name of the V/O teacher is Wren Ross.

Please check

We lost my Father in Law. Dr Douglas Ebling passed away today.

At the moment, busy and planning on visiting the family in York, PA.

Be well and productive. All the best.


At 10:19am on July 30, 2012, Drita Protopapa Dumont said…

Welcome to the gang! Wish you great success and lots of adventures! Drita


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