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Awards Earned by Our Members

The members listed here are those who earned an award* directly or by being an integral part of an award-winning film or voice project, including our own NEABOs.

Individually Earned Film/TV Awards

Dore, Charlotte  Boston Emmy for Best Children's Programming in "Re-Action" (2002)

Ferrara, Mary  as Larissa in "Family Problems"

Hartman, Wendy as Detective Rebecca Ellison in "Family Problems"

Saviolakis, Monica  as 'the insane wife' in "In the Bedroom"

Van Dussen, Bradley J as Frank Bond in MAIL.MAN (2014)

Wright, Tony Ramos as Father Jacob Hamblin in "Family Problems"

Individually Earned Voice-over Awards

Cook, David 2 Brassie awards for Best Radio Spots for the PGA Golf Tour’s Champions Tour (2007, 2008)

Keel, Keena Hatch Award for 30-second monologue PSA for Rosie's Place

Speaking-Role in an Award-Winning Film/TV Project

Galone, Gary as Jack Dunn in SPOTLIGHT (2015)

Graetz, Anabel as Mrs. Merriman in Olive Kitteridge (2014)

Morse, Peter as FBI Agent in BLACK MASS (2016)

Proude, Michele as Lisa Tuite in SPOTLIGHT (2015)

Stapleton, Joe as Older Cop (1st scene) in SPOTLIGHT (2015)

Thorpe, Bill as Ed in MYSTIC RIVER, Joe the Bartender in Olive Kitteridge, Dallas Man in JOY

Voice-over in an Award-Winning Project

Gordon, Phyliis Frontline Emmy for Outstanding Coverage in a Breaking Story "The Battle for Ukraine" (2015)

The New England Actor Best Of Awards (NEABOs)

Austin, Carol - Best Dramatic Acting Clip (2014)

Avallone, Kate - Best Commercial+ Demo (2014, 2015)

Baade, Jessica - Best Voice in a Commercial Spot (2015)

Bloomquist, Erik - Best Film/TV Demo (2015)

Cook, Alexander - Best Dramatic Acting Clip (2014) / Best Dramatic Monologue (2014)

DiNinni, Rob - Best Comedic Acting Clip (2015)

Dunigan, Jay - Best Voice Demo (2014)

Estiloz, Tim - Best Hosting/Spokesperson Demo (2014, 2015)

Evans, Amy - Best Modeling Portfolio (2014)

Falanga, Michelle - Best Commercial Voice Demo (2015)

Gatheca, Ian - Best Dramatic Acting Clip (2015)

Gordon, Phyllis - Best Comedic Monologue (2014)

Helmich, Portland - Best Hosting/Spokesperson Demo (2015)

Jurdi, Kate - Best Comedic Acting Clip (2015)

La Trémouille, Robert J - Best Dramatic Monologue (2015)

Lentol, Cindy - Best Film/TV Demo (2014)

Lyman, Andrea - Best Comedic Acting Clip (2014)

Lyons, Ian - Best Film/TV Demo (2014)

Natapov, Maria - Best Dramatic Acting Clip (2015)

Rizzo, Anna - Best Dramatic Monologue (2015)

Saviolakis, Monica - Best Hosting Demo (2014) / Best Film/TV Demo (2015)

Schaff, Holly - Best Dramatic Monologue (2014)

Scott, Cory - Best Voice in a Commercial Spot (2015)

Shipsey, Francesca - Best Comedic Monologue (2015)

Stanley, Edward - Best Modeling Portfolio (2014)

Villamizar, Nicolas - Best Modeling Portfilo (2015)

Wright, Tony Ramos - Best Commercial+ Demo (2015)

* what awards? ones that are nationally or regionally recognized, from legitimate film festivals, ones on which industry pros would be impressed and not roll their eyes if the "award" is sell-promoting and portrays the actor as "trying too hard"; just like a person trying to pass a background job as "working with Brad Pitt" or as a principle role.

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