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Hosting/Spokesperson Demo Reels


Hosting/Spokesperson Demo Reels

Actors with a demo of their hosting or spokesperson skills.

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Latest Activity: Jun 17, 2011

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* Estiloz, Tim - (06-2015)
Kissel, Jeremiah
Steudel, Karl (05-2014)
Van Dussen, Bradley J.


Boskey, Elizabeth
Chilson, Erica
Dove, Karen
* Helmich, Portland (07-2014)
Howcroft, Tiffany - (06-2016)
Wachtler, Alison - (01-2015)

* 2015 NEABO Winner

Non Union


Eriksen, Matthew Ian
Fuchs, Herbert - (06-2015)
Lussier, Paul - (02-2015)
McBride, Josh (01-2015)
Wright, Tony Ramos - (01-2015))

Antkowiak, Jennifer
Gates, Angie - (04-2015)
Howcroft, Tiffany - (01-2015)
Jacob, Joell A.
Hill, Mariela - (05-2015)
Pizzuti, Laura
Saviolakis, Monica (2014 NEABO winner)
Shasha, Kathrybn - (04-2015)
Tyrrell, Jennifer - (01-2015)
Ye, Lucy (08-2014)
Zitka, Alicia

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