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Film/TV Acting Reels

Actors who have a well-done montage of their Film/TV acting gigs for promoting their acting talent to Industry Professionals. 

Suggested Parameters:

  • your first acting scene should be within a few seconds of clicking play
  • each scene should be labeled with the project and actor's name/phone.
  • should be no more than 2:00 minutes
  • showcases the actor, not others.
  • moves from one scene to another quickly
  • last screen showing contact info
  • Film, TV-show or web series scenes only (no commercials)

Members: 132
Latest Activity: May 13, 2014

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Aleksander, Olev
Berenson, Marshall
Berry, Phil
Boothroyd, Michael
Burtt, Rick
Cartier, Mark S.
Catalfo, Alfred Thomas
Catanzano, Matt - comedic
Chan, Albert M.
Cheeseman, Ken
Christoforo, Michael (05-2014)
Cirone, Kevin - (02-2015)
Cook, Alexander
Cusano, James D.
Dash, Joe-comedic
Dash, Joe-dramatic
DeBeck, David
Doherty, Sean Patrick
Handelman, Mike
Hoegen, Mick
Francis, Mike
Francis, Mike - comedic
Gannon, Russell J. (08-2014)
Hinds, Tony
Kate, Kevin
Kissel, Jeremiah (05-2014)
Kneller, Barry
Knopf, Ren - (12-2014)
La Trémouille, Robert J.
Lindsey, John Joseph
Lyons, Ian (2014 NEABO Winner)
Martin, Stephen O'Neil
Mitchell-Love, Jordan
O'Leary, Lawrence
Pacheco, Richard
Palermo, Christopher
Paul, Greg
Riviere, Patrick (5-2014)
Robertson, Ben
Rota, Rob
Scott, Cory
Stanley, Edward
Storey, Jay (09-2014)
Talalas, John - (02-2015)
Thorpe, Bill
Weindel, David
Wright, Bradley

Barnes, Anastasia
Bayard, Marianne - dramatic (10-22-2014)
Becker-Gray, Ellen
Bostnar, Lisa
Calvao, Christina - (10-2014)
Cole, Erin
Crosby, Tiffany
Campbell, Beth - (comedic)
Campbell, Beth - (dramatic)
Cooke, Debra Lord
Crowley, Kate
Degen, Tess
Diamond, Marci - dramatic (01-2015)
Dimouro, Sue - dramatic(01-2015)
Feign, Wendy (08-2014)
Friedlander, Debbie (05-2014)
Gordon, Kim
Gordon, Phyllis (08-2014)
Gruttadauria, Emma - dramatic (01-2015)
Gunn, Angela - (10-2014)
Jurdi, Kate
Keville, Dorothy
Koomjian, Mary
Lauren, Perry (05-2014)
Lentol, Cindy (2014 NEABO Winner)
Lyman, Andrea - dramatic (02-2015)
Martino, Karen Ann
Pannier, Sam
Pellegrino, Elena Rozzi
Phelps, Megan
Rosencrans, Deborah
Ryding, Angela
Salowsky, Katie
Shasha, Kathryn
Sidberry, Kris
Sylvan, Lynne Lori
Thorpe, Vanessa - dramatic (02-2015)
Wachtler, Alison



Non Union

Alabiso, Giovanni
Asimakos, Vasilios
Biestek, Buck (07-2014)
Blaufuss, Scott
Bloomquist, Erik - (12-2014)
Breen, Robert P. (05-2014)
Castellano, Gio
Chambrello, Joe
Crane, Don
Curran, Patrick
Coppola, Michael - dramatic (02-2015)
Czarnowski, Frank J.
Davis, Christopher Sherwood
Framondi, Sal
Goldman, Jack - (12-2014)
Guns Alves, Jose
Held, Paul
James, E. Alan
Leo, Fiore
Lew, Barry
Little, Todd Alan - TV & stage (10-2014)
Lussier, Paul - dramatic (02-2015)
Mazzacane, Roy
Moriarty, Richie - comedic
Pelz-Sharpe, Alan
Negron, Luis
Phan, Harry - (10-2014)
Reid, Curtis
Sewell, Richard
Spelman, Lucien
Surette, Matthew
Torres, Terry
Wilson, David Erin
Wright, Tony Ramos - (01-2015)

Achille, JD - (09-2014)
Anderson, Emmalyn
Antkowiak, Jennifer
Avallone, Kate
Avradopoulas, Zele - comedic (11-2014)
Bettencourt, Alexandra (09-2014)
Berenson, Kathy LaShay (11-2014)
Bonin, Heather
Carson, Cate
Dempsey, Lisa - dramatic (01-2015)
Dempsey, Lisa - comedic (01-2015)
DePlanche, Jen - (02-2015)
Emmaline, Jennifer
Ferrara, Mary C. - dramatic
Ferrara, Mary C. - comedic
Gannett, Chara Victoria
Gordon, Kim
Hartman, Wendy (12-2014)
Hatalsky, Natasha
Hennessey, Amanda Good
Howcroft, Tiffany
Hughes, Maureen R. (09-2014)
Julian, Lynn
King, Emily
LaFauci, Mariagrazia
Lawrence, Denise
Markham, Marion - (09-2014)
Matteodo, Allison
Meehan, Sally
Mortenson, Michele
Noone, Audrey - comedic
Noone, Audrey - dramatic (01-2015)
O'Neil, Kathleen
Phillips, Alice
Porter, Diana
Rapoport, Robin Ann
Rodriguez, Amanda - (02-2015)
Rymer, Marta (01-2015)
Saviolakis, Monica - dramatic (01-2015)
Shipsey, Francesca - (09-2014)
Sullivan, Ruth
Sweeney, Andrea - dramatic (06-2014)
Tennille, Jami
Tennant, Mary - comedic
Truon, Kimberly
Violette, Michelle - comedic
Waldman, Jan
Wright, Mary - dramatic (06-2014)

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