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Film/TV Acting Reels

Actors who have a well-done montage of their Film/TV acting gigs for promoting their acting talent to Industry Professionals. 

Suggested Parameters:

  • head-shot shown quickly at the beginning (optional)
  • each scene should be labeled with the project and actor's name/phone.
  • should be no more than 2:00 minutes
  • showcases the actor, not others.
  • moves from one scene to another quickly
  • last screen showing contact info

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Aleksander, Olev
Berenson, Marshall
Berry, Phil
Boothroyd, Michael
Burtt, Rick
Cartier, Mark S.
Catalfo, Alfred Thomas
Catanzano, Matt - comedic
Chan, Albert M.
Cheeseman, Ken
Christoforo, Michael (05-2014)
Cook, Alexander
Coppola, Michael
Cusano, James D.
Dash, Joe-comedic
Dash, Joe-dramatic
DeBeck, David
Doherty, Sean Patrick
Handelman, Mike
Hoegen, Mick
Francis, Mike
Francis, Mike - comedic
Gannon, Russell J. (08-2014)
Hinds, Tony
Kate, Kevin
Kissel, Jeremiah (05-2014)
Kneller, Barry
Knopf, Ren - (12-2014)
La Trémouille, Robert J.
Lindsey, John Joseph
Lyons, Ian (2014 NEABO Winner)
Martin, Stephen O'Neil
Mitchell-Love, Jordan
O'Leary, Lawrence
Pacheco, Richard
Palermo, Christopher
Paul, Greg
Riviere, Patrick (5-2014)
Robertson, Ben
Rota, Rob
Scott, Cory
Stanley, Edward
Storey, Jay (09-2014)
Thorpe, Bill
Weindel, David
Wright, Bradley

Barnes, Anastasia
Bayard, Marianne - dramatic (10-22-2014)
Becker-Gray, Ellen
Bostnar, Lisa
Calvao, Christina - (10-2014)
Cole, Erin
Crosby, Tiffany
Degen, Tess
Campbell, Beth - (comedic)
Campbell, Beth - (dramatic)
Cooke, Debra Lord
Crowley, Kate
Feign, Wendy (08-2014)
Friedlander, Debbie (05-2014)
Gordon, Kim
Gordon, Phyllis (08-2014)
Gunn, Angela - (10-2014)
Jurdi, Kate
Keville, Dorothy
Koomjian, Mary
Lauren, Perry (05-2014)
Lentol, Cindy (2014 NEABO Winner)
Lyman, Andrea
Martino, Karen Ann
Pannier, Sam
Pellegrino, Elena Rozzi
Phelps, Megan
Rosencrans, Deborah
Ryding, Angela
Salowsky, Katie
Shasha, Kathryn
Sidberry, Kris
Sylvan, Lynne Lori
Thorpe, Vanessa (05-2014)
Wachtler, Alison



Non Union

Alabiso, Giovanni
Asimakos, Vasilios
Biestek, Buck (07-2014)
Blaufuss, Scott
Bloomquist, Erik - (12-2014)
Breen, Robert P. (05-2014)
Castellano, Gio
Chambrello, Joe
Crane, Don
Curran, Patrick
Czarnowski, Frank J.
Davis, Christopher Sherwood
Framondi, Sal
Goldman, Jack - (12-2014)
Guns Alves, Jose
Held, Paul
James, E. Alan
Leo, Fiore
Lew, Barry
Little, Todd Alan - TV & stage (10-2014)
Lussier, Paul
Mazzacane, Roy
Moriarty, Richie - comedic
Pelz-Sharpe, Alan
Negron, Luis
Phan, Harry - (10-2014)
Reid, Curtis
Sewell, Richard
Spelman, Lucien
Surette, Matthew
Torres, Terry
Wilson, David Erin

Achille, JD - (09-2014)
Anderson, Emmalyn
Antkowiak, Jennifer
Avallone, Kate
Avradopoulas, Zele - comedic (11-2014)
Bettencourt, Alexandra (09-2014)
Berenson, Kathy LaShay (11-2014)
Bonin, Heather
Carson, Cate
Dempsey, Lisa (10-2014)
DePlanche, Jen (06-2014)
Emmaline, Jennifer
Ferrara, Mary C. - dramatic
Ferrara, Mary C. - comedic
Gannett, Chara Victoria
Gordon, Kim
Hartman, Wendy (12-2014)
Hatalsky, Natasha
Hennessey, Amanda Good
Howcroft, Tiffany
Hughes, Maureen R. (09-2014)
Julian, Lynn
King, Emily
LaFauci, Mariagrazia
Lawrence, Denise
Markham, Marion - (09-2014)
Matteodo, Allison
Meehan, Sally
Mortenson, Michele
Noone, Audrey - comedic
O'Neil, Kathleen
Phillips, Alice
Porter, Diana
Rapoport, Robin Ann
Shipsey, Francesca - (09-2014)
Sullivan, Ruth
Sweeney, Andrea - dramatic (06-2014)
Tennille, Jami
Tennant, Mary - comedic
Truon, Kimberly
Violette, Michelle - comedic
Waldman, Jan
Wright, Mary - dramatic (06-2014)

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