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I got an email from them. Just wondering is anyone has had anything to do with them.



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I've been receiving these for a while. Clearly a mass marketing effort. I've only glanced at the website.

Thanks. The number of spelling and grammar mistakes on the web site does not bode well for their credibility.

Hi Steve & Jehshua
I'm not sure about them either.  I thought they had reached out to me on LinkedIn in a professional manner a while back, but I couldn't find that record, so it was probably another foreign casting company.
Both Shira & I get their mass E-Mails, and we haven't responded yet, so your guess is as good as ours.
Whatever it be, as always, proceed with caution.
Best Regards,

I got several emails from Baltic Casting Agency and they do not seem to legit -- If I need to research this company. I usually delete their emails.

I suspect they are not legitimate by the way their posts are so general and their grammar is usually messed up. I have not submitted to them because something does not ring right and I trust my intuition.

I get emails from them too. I hear they are bogud
The word I was trying to type...bogus

Scam -- period, end of story.


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