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I think everyone has their go-to sites where they find auditions but do you have a favorite?NE Actor and new england film are a couple of mine.I was thinking of joining backstage but no one really talks about them so I don't know if it's worth it.I know everyone;s going to say IMDB and I'm going to sign up,I'm just waiting for them to run one of their specials so it's not so expensive.I know there are lots more but those are the one I use the about you?  :)

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Hi William,

             So you think backstage is worth paying for it?

William Galatis said:

Backstage and Actors Access continue to work for me... of course there are dry spells from time to time, but I've had the best luck there.  



I have to agree with William.  I subscribe to Actors Access and Backstage.  I also have had casting reach out directly to me to audition, in person or by video.  I'm non-union, but have had some major casting directors request that I audition for them.  If only they hired me...I also received a job through NE Actor, from a casting director that saw my profile.  I was cast in a music video and did not even have to audition.  The other site I feel I get a lot of opportunities from is Boston Casting.  I have auditioned for many movies through them and have had jobs booked as well.  You can have free profiles on most of these sites if you do not want to invest lot of money.  But with the paid profiles, you get more options, such as more photos or video reels.  

I gue

The only problem I have with Backstage and Actors Access is that most of the casting calls are n NYC

I will attest to Backstage, and they have a lot of Boston casting calls, esp. from student filmmakers (people are back in school now so expect to see more postings soon).   Actors Access does deal more heavily with NYC, if you don't mind that.

OK,thank you so much for your input!I wouldn't mind going to New York if it was something like and order though,lol


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