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Hi All,

     So today I received an email congratulating me on getting a part and to confirm whether or not I was still interested,only thing is I can't figure out which movie it was!The title listed is similar to but not exactly the same as one I auditioned for so that's what I'm going with.I'm guessing most of us audition a lot and for casting directors and agencies to not be more specific when sending out emails has me ripping my hair out.Has this ever happened to anyone else?How do I figure out who it is without sounding like a jerk,lol

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Thank them and then ask them for details and tell them that you simply can't find any information about them or your audition.  Blame it on technology if you are not comfortable telling them you feel rather silly.  If they ask you for money, run like the wind!

Jack Tracksler

All the time. I must devise a system that allows me to remember what I did.

That has happened to me!  You can do an email search and see if it's the same email that set up the audition, and get the film name that way.  I had to reply thanks - is this the film that was called "such-and-such"?  

Here's a TIP: I always include the casting call info at the END of my email submission, after my signature. This way, if they hit "reply" to my Casting Call submission email, to tell me I have an audition, call back or job, I always have all their info at the bottom of it!

Strength Through Unity,

Lynn Julian

Congratulations on getting cast :-). This happened to me with a callback. The sender was kind enough to remind us all of what the project was, since they were aware that a lot of time had passed. Since this doesn't appear to be the case here, I'd go back through my own Sent emails and see if I can find more info from my own submission. The other answers given here are also good; simply asking in a respectful way may be your only option. And I love Lynn Julian's advice on including the info in your own submissions. Thanks, Lynn!

Thanks everyone,I sent a confirmation email and they replied back with more info.The contact person for the audition and the casting director weren't the same person so I had no account of the email.At least now I know what it is and can be excited! hahahahaha


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