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Herbert Fuchs posted a performing update
"Herb F shoot as a piano player in the Project 2 music video "ADHD" by artist, Joyner Lucas."
4 hours ago
Mary Herbert posted a performing update
"Just workshopped Rosie McInnes' SNOWGIRL, a new play with The Nora (TWSS) at Central Square Theater. Great collaborative experience!"
Diamond Princess Franklin is now a member of NEActor
Michael Marinaccio is now a member of NEActor
Nov 7
Herbert Fuchs posted a performing update
"Herb F sketch comedy shoot showing how the improper use of idioms can disrupt a family dinner."
Nov 3
Callie Beaulieu posted a performing update
"has been cast as the female lead in Renee Nabinger's BU senior thesis film, Fare Play"
Nov 3
Sally Reid is now a member of NEActor
Nov 1
Greg Shea posted a performing update
Oct 30
Kayla Caulfield posted a performing update
"Last month filmed my first principal role in an amazing film. Thank you for the opportunity to work on this project."
Oct 26
Kayla Caulfield posted a performing update
"Had a great day filming a National Commercial today. Thank you Boston Casting."
Oct 26
Heidi Marie Gennaro posted a performing update
" Enjoy my latest commercial venture, PHLOX – getting rave reviews!"
Oct 26
Michael A. Coppola posted a performing update
"filmed Music Video this weekend with fellow NEActor Herb Fuchs for great band Parts Per Million ..."
Oct 22
Kate Mahoney posted a performing update
"Kate M - recording IVR for Aetna, etc.; will perform in PMRP's Beyond Grimm this weekend and next.. My page:"
Oct 22
Tess Lloyd posted a performing update
"Tess Lloyd in Amazon Prime's ASSASSIN BEHIND THE GLASS on the force w/ Lonnie Farmer+Jerry Goodwin+Kevin O. Peterson."
Oct 20
Ali McMichael posted a performing update
"Happy to have worked on an AMC series yesterday."
Oct 19
David W. Cook posted a performing update
"David C. grateful to be cast as lead in documentary and have film get an Emmy Nom. #career highlight"
Oct 19
Marilee Alexander posted a performing update
"Background work Witnesses Coda"
Oct 18
Greg Shea posted a performing update
Oct 16
Jena Abbott is now a member of NEActor
Oct 14
Herbert Fuchs posted a performing update
"Herb F comedic shoot as a father trying to impress his daughter's boyfriend with a homemade dinner."
Oct 14


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