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How to locate talent for your project:

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  • Peruse the talent via their profile photo and name:

  • Search for a particular look or wardrobe
    (ex. doctor, lawyer, business, etc.):

  • Search for a particular acting skill shown on video
    (ex cry, anger, dramatic, comedic, stunt, host, etc.):

HAVE US DO IT - save time!

Promote Your Project!

  • Post a casting on our Auditions & Castings pages (SAG-AFTRA, Non-Union, AEA)
  • Banner Advertisements
    • $35/week
  • Send an eBlast to all members
  • Email select groups of talent
    • $30 per email
  • Create a "Your Company" page
    • $50/week or $299/year
  • Create an Event page
    • $35/week

Get details:
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Let us work for you!

  • We search for talent per your parameters.
  • We forward their profile pages to you for review.
  • We secure the talent for either an audition or for hire.
  • You pay us in one payment and we'll pay the talent
    (no 1099's to fill out!)
  • $45 per hour
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