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Alexander Cook
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Alexander Cook knows these actors:

  • Kate Avallone
  • Natasha Hatalsky
  • Ian Lyons
  • Cynthia Harrington
  • Stephen Radochia
  • Wayne Kneeland
  • Kati Salowsky
  • Robin Ann Rapoport
  • Paula Dellatte
  • Marshall Berenson
  • Kathy LaShay Berenson
  • Tiffany Howcroft
  • Evan Konstantine
  • Jeff Corazzini
  • Carol S Austin

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Performance Updates: recent acting endeavors, gigs or auditions:

Alexander Cook posted a performing update
"Alexander Cook booked the role of Huntley in Saving Kitty, opening at the Nora Theatre on July 9!"
Mar 24, 2015
Alexander Cook posted a performing update
"Alexander Cook booked the role of Samuel in the indie pilot, Bloodyback, targeted for Netflix."
Mar 9, 2015
Alexander Cook posted a performing update
"Alexander Cook booked another Hollywood film, but he has to keep it hush hush..."
Feb 16, 2015
Alexander Cook posted a performing update
"'One Foot in the Grave' starring Alexander Cook will have a premiere screening here:"
Feb 3, 2015
Alexander Cook posted a performing update
"Alexander Cook booked the role of the Mortician in the indy comedy 'Donald Cried', shooting now!"
Feb 3, 2015
Alexander Cook posted a performing update
"Alexander Cook booked the role of Harold in the indy comedy 'Sunny Side Up.""
Feb 2, 2015
Alexander Cook posted a performing update
"Another day doing a scene with a movie star."
Nov 24, 2014
Alexander Cook posted a performing update
"Now it's on imdb: Alexander Cook has joined the cast of Disney's "The Finest Hours"!"
Oct 3, 2014
Alexander Cook posted a performing update
"Alexander Cook opens tonight in 'A Picasso' at the Theatre Workshop of Nantucket! Feel adventurous? Catch the ferry!"
Sep 16, 2014
Alexander Cook posted a performing update
"Alexander Cook is cast as Picasso in 'A Picasso' at the Theater Workshop of Nantucket, opening September 16!"
Sep 3, 2014
Alexander Cook posted a performing update
"Alexander Cook had to withdraw from Chosen Child and Arabian nights to do a supporting role in a Hollywood film!"
Sep 3, 2014
Alexander Cook posted a performing update
"Alexander Cook booked the role of Ron in the short film "Kingpin," shooting in September."
Aug 30, 2014
Alexander Cook posted a performing update
"Alexander Cook was delighted to play real life DEA agent Dan Doherty in 'Black Mass,' now in post."
Aug 8, 2014
Alexander Cook posted a performing update
"Alexander Cook just booked the role of David in 'Chosen Child' at Boston Playwrights Theater, opening in October!"
Jul 22, 2014
Alexander Cook posted a performing update
"Wrapped the touching fantasy film 'Last Dance with Morty.' Yes, I played an angel. Of course I did."
Jul 16, 2014
Alexander Cook posted a performing update
"Midway through "One Foot in the Grave" with Endless Spectrum! Great time!"
Jun 25, 2014

Profile Information

Member's contact info (email and phone or agent):, 804-815-3928
Member's acting, voice or modeling web site:
Member's age range:
51-55, 56-60
Member's Affiliations:
Member's PHYSICAL TRAITS (use format on the "Before Applying" page)
Caucasian, 6'1", 190 lbs., size 46 jacket, 36 waist, 32 inseam, 17 neck, 35 sleeve.

British - BBC English, East Indian, French, German, Irish, Italian, New England - Boston, New York, Southern,
Member's Performance Skills:
Aerobics, Boating - sail, Driving - stick shift-standard, Firearms - pistols, Firearms - rifles, Guitar - 6 string, Kayaker, Running - general, Sailing, Shooting - revolver, Shooting - rifle, Singer - Baritone, Stage Combat, Swimming - general ability, Swimming - breast stroke
Recent acting experience (use the format on the Before Applying page):

Ian in Blasted at Wilbury Theater Group
Colonel Dulac in Burning at Boston Playwrights Theater
Ian (u/s, performed) in The Other Place at the Nora Theater
Dr. Zubritsky in Fools at Ocean State Theater
Mary Prime Deity in The Lily's Revenge at American Repertory Theater
Vizier (plus 6 others) in Arabian Nights at Central Square Theater
Richard III in The War of the Roses, Riverside Shakespeare Company, NYC
Schumann in Carnaval, Soho Repertory, NYC
Cassius in Caesar, Riverside Shakespeare Company, NYC
Antonio in The Tempest, Riverside Shakespeare Festival, NYC
Lord Bellaston in Tom Jones, Pittsburgh Public Theater
Officer in Tartuffe , Pittsburgh Public Theater
Murderer in Macbeth, Pittsburgh Public Theater
Angelo in Measure for Measure, Three Rivers Shakespeare Company, Pittsburgh
Malvolio in Twelfth Night, Three Rivers Shakespeare Company, Pittsburgh
Wesley in Curse of the Starving Class, New City Theater Company, Pittsburgh
Sitting Bull in Indians, New City Theater Company, Pittsburgh
Doug in Loose Ends, New City Theater Company, Pittsburgh
Historical Event in How I Got that Story, New City Theater Company, Pittsburgh
Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet , Three Rivers Shakespeare Festival
Don Pedro in Much Ado About Nothing, Three Rivers Shakespeare Festival
Camillo in A Winter's Tale, Three Rivers Shakespeare Festival
First Voice in Under Milk Wood, Pittsburgh Metropolitan Stage Company
Vladimir in Waiting for Godot, Pittsburgh Metropolitan Stage Company
Oberon in Midsummer Night's Dream, Pittsburgh Metropolitan Stage Company
Scrooge in A Christmas Carol, Pittsburgh Metropolitan Stage Company
Caliban in The Tempest, Three Rivers Shakespeare Company
Jacques in As You Like It, Three Rivers Shakespeare Company
Shallow in Merry Wives of Windsor, Three Rivers Shakespeare Company
LaFleche in The Miser, Carnegie-Mellon Theater Company
Mazon in Killer's Head , Carnegie-Mellon Theater Company
Ice in The Holy Ghostly, Carnegie-Mellon Theater Company
Roy Rogers in Cowboys #2, Carnegie-Mellon Theater Company


Peter in Almost Mercy, Woodhaven Productions
Guard 2 in The Forger, Vermillion Productions
Washington Lobbyist in Catatonk Blues, Catatonk Blues Inc.
Frank Gray in Lost on a Mountain in Maine, Great Mountain LLC
Pinky Malone in Ghostman, Shamrock Films
The Priest in "l'erba cattiva", Rab Media
Lorenzo in Rif Raf, Jeremy Weiss, Emerson College
Old Man in Finding Ambrosia, Colin Scully Productions
Photographer in Captain Philips, Bravo Platoon Film Production
Max in Max, Wesleyan Student Film
Inmate in Diamond Ruff, Young Productions
John Darrow in Justice Is Mind, First World Films
Walter Furns in Giddy in Love, Barlow/White Productions
Jim Collins (lead) in This Killing Business, MV Productions
Various Zombies in Dawn of the Dead, directed by George Romero

Man of Business in Colossal Spark, WX.Y Productions
Customer in BJ's In-store, BJ's Wholesale Club
Sales Rep in Training Video, Hasbro Toys

Independent Reviewers of New England Award, Best Ensemble, Arabian Nights, 2012


BFA in Acting, Carnegie-Mellon University School of Drama, 1980
Make-up: trained by and apprenticed to Tom Savini
Stage Combat certified by B.H. Barry
Acting for Film, Media Performance Institute, 2011
Training or acting classes (class name, teacher & where):
BFA in Acting from Carnegie-Mellon University, 1980
Other non-acting related work, hobbies or charities (not skills) in which this actor is involved (1 or 2 word descriptions):
Recovering alcoholic (ten years sober), ordained minister (no longer with a church), into fitness.
VOICE ARTISTS ONLY [you must have a professional demo to upload]: illustrative 1-word descriptions for this actor's voice (e.g. conversational, announcer, warm, etc.):
Dialects: British, Irish, Italian, German, French, Southern, Boston, Pittsburgh.

Rich, classically trained voice, conversational, announcer, narrator, promoter, character, cartoon.


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At 11:22am on May 8, 2014, Carol S Austin said…

Me too you!  Please give my regards to the lovely Liz :)

At 1:51pm on April 1, 2014, Valerie Remillard Myette said…

So excited to see the amazing Alexander Cook in "Blasted" this weekend!

At 2:30pm on October 18, 2013, Valerie Remillard Myette said…

Awwww. You're so sweet.  I'm slowly getting myself back out there!

At 6:25pm on May 17, 2012, Chara Victoria Gannett said…

Hi Alex here the info ive been given...

Thank you for posting the notice, it is really appreciated, especially by us, we are a small up and coming film company here in Maine. We are poised to do big things with this feature though. As far as a paid gig - we won't know that until we have the SFX estimate in our hands by next month. We do have a funder, and a decent budget for an indie film. I wish I could answer better than that Chara, but I cannot at his time.

At 6:18pm on May 14, 2012, Heather Bonin said…

Hi Alex, Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.  So the Hero Cast thing.  Here's what I've gleaned from it.

I actually found it through and checked it out to see if I wanted to audition for it (but decided not to, not my scene really).  Essentiall it's a "reality show" of sorts.  Apparently you go in and audition/read/camera test for it and what they do it make mini "webisodes" of everyone's readings, post them on YouTube and basically people supposedly vote on who they want to continue on as they narrow it down to the "cast" that is to be playing the characters in the movie.  So it's the "people" who decide the cast for this movie is going to be.  You don't get paid for the webisodes, but apprently when you get officially cast you do get paid for the movie project.  I checked out some of the YouTube videos and the whole thing just seemed a wee bit silly to go through, 

The project has a web page that I could see if I could find again if you wanted to check it out, just let me know.

Hope this helps.



At 10:30pm on May 10, 2012, Heather Bonin said…
Ah, ok. I'll write about it before the end of the day tomorrow, as it's kinda a long-ish story, I've only a tiny keyboard on my phone that takes a while to type stuff out on, and a busy day tomorrow.
I'd seen an posting for them in and checked out their deal. Tell you about it tomorrow. :)
At 5:51pm on May 10, 2012, Heather Bonin said…

Did anyone respond to your "Hero" cast question?  I think I have a handle on what it's about, sorta, but don't want to be repetative if someone else already told you about it. 


At 9:09am on April 24, 2012, Maria Natapov said…

Alex, contratulations on your IRNE wins, way to go!!!


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