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Dan Marshall
  • Male
  • United States
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  • Donna Dorgan
  • Elaine Victoria Grey
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Dan Marshall: actor, stunts, dancer

Profile Information

Member's contact info (email and phone or agent):
(617) 642-1444
Email: Click Here []
Member's acting, voice or modeling website:
Member's age range:
36-40, 41-45, 46-50
Member's Affiliations:
Portray-able or Actual Biological Look:
Caucasian / White, Middle Eastern
Member's PHYSICAL TRAITS (use format on the "Before Applying" page)
Gender: Male
Height: 5 feet 9.5 in
Weight: 170 lbs
Physique: Athletic/Dancer/Elegant
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Short
Eyes: Brown
Suit: 38R
Neck: 15
Sleeve: 33
Inseam: 29
Waist: 34
Shoe: 10.5
Ethnicity: Caucasian, Eastern European, Mediterranean
Lineage: Jewish Latvian/Lithuanian & Morrocan/French/Spanish
Voice Type: Baritone
Artistic Professions: Meisner-Trained Actor / Dancer / Choreographer / Martial Artist / Stuntman / Singer / Cantor / Model / Multi-Lingual / Teacher / Producer
Language Fluency: Hebrew, French, & English
Other:; Some Arabic & Spanish (Authentic Accents, Recitation, & Portrayal)
Portrayable & believable accents or dialects (e.g. Southern, Chinese, Spanish, German, Boston, etc.):
Russian, Yiddish, Latino, New York, Persian, Southern, Canadian French
Member's Performance Skills:
Aerobics, Bicycling-general, Boxing, Canoeing, Dance - ballet, Dance - ballroom, Dance - belly, Dance - break, Dance - hip hop, Dance - jazz, Dance -swing, Dance - tango, Dance - tap, Dance - robot, Disc Jockey, Driving - precision, Driving - car, Firearms - pistols, Firearms - rifles, Green screen, Host, Impressionist, Improvisation, Kayaker, Kick Boxing, Martial Arts, Running - general, Shooting - revolver, Shooting - rifle, Singer - Baritone, Stage Combat, Stunt Performer-professional, Swimming - general ability, Voice Artist Only, Voices-characters, Whistler
Recent noteworthy acting experience (use the format on the Before Applying page):

The Finest Hours Choreographer & Principal Dancer (Assist. Chor. by Shira Price) Walt Disney;Dir Craig Gillespie
The Last Delivery Kristoph– Co-Star. Russian Comedic Character Role Broadway Pic. Ent;Dir Patrick Jerome
Love Me Again Tom– Co-Star. Romantic Role w/Tango Dancing Dir. Tatyana Bronstein
Simulacrum Armor– Support. Stunt Actor Role (Matrix-Style Kung Fu); Co-Fight Chor. Dir Dan Salgarolo
Shoot the Gambler Mickey– Support. Role– Volatile Poker Player Dir Cyrus Max
Learn from the Master Nix– Support. Role– Smooth-Talking Pick-Pocket w/Many Accents The Rizzolution;Dir Jon Rizzo
Balance– 48-Hour Film Jack Rossi– Lead– 1943 WWII Air Force Lieutenant Malarkey Films;Dir Jack Cushman
Black Site The Translator– Support. Arabic Speaking & Stunt Role Filippant Films;Dir Nectarios Leonidas
The Girl from the Naked Eye John– Speaking/Stunt Role, Fight Scene Mu-Yee Prod;Dir David Wren
Other Roles
X Marks the Spot (Antonio Saluo– Support. Latino Comedic Gangster & Dancer Role)
The Restaurant (Principal Argentine Tango Dancer; Choreographer)
Hands of the Nocturnal Clock (Charlie– Support. 1920’s Gangster & Stunt Role)
The Rude, the Mad, & the Funny (Comic #1– Principal Role; Choreographer)
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Feat. Slow Motion & Action Performer in Times Sq. Battle)
R.I.P.D. (Feat. 1940's Detective; Stand-In)
Shutter Island (Feat. WWII U.S. G.I. & German Officer– Hand-Picked by Martin Scorsese)
Pink Panther Deux (Scene w/Steve Martin– Feat. Matador/Flamenco Dancer)
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (Stand-In; Feat. Government Aid– Hand-Picked by Oliver Stone)
The Invention of Lying ("Messiah" Scene– Feat. Reporter; Stand-In)


Future: News from the Year 2137 The Israeli, Lev Rosen– Lead Hebrew Speaking & Stunt Role The Onion News Network
Soul Purpose– Pilot Aaron– Lead Actor/Fighter/Dancer; Co-Fight Choreog. Marshall Arts;Dir Dan Marshall
God In America: Hour 1 Franciscan #1– Support. Spanish Speaking & Stunt Role WGBH;Dir David Belton
Camp Iwannatakka Videos– Industrial Mike– FM Global Claims Adjuster– Lead/Co-Star FM Global
Other Roles
Liberty Insurance– Commercial (Solo Principal Dancer Outside Boston’s Old State House (Fred Astaire/Gene Kelly Style))
Hatfields & McCoys– Pilot (Male Dancer #2– Principal Ballroom Dancer (Chor. by Lorin Latarro))
The Silence of the Lambs– Scene (Hannibal Lecter– NEU Blackbox Presents)
Obama’s #1 Fan– Music Video (Salsa Choreographer, Lead Dancer/Obama Double)
Boardwalk Empire– Ep. 1.7,9,10;2.2;5.1 (Feat. 1920’s Businessman; Feat. State Investigator; Feat. 1930's Rumba Dancer in Cuba)
Mildred Pierce (Feat. 1930’s Swing/Lindy Dancer)
Body of Proof– Ep. 1.2,5,6,10 (Precision Driver; Party Guest; Feat. Casino MC; Hand & Body Double)
Law & Order– Ep. 19.3,8 (Stand-In; Assist. D.A.; Businessman; Feat. Detective)
Brotherhood– Ep. 3.1,2 (Stand-In; Doctor)
Training or acting classes (class name, teacher & where):
• Another Country Productions, Jamaica Plain, MA, Meisner: The Full Training - 12-Week, 24-Class Intensive, Lyralen Kaye, Artistic Director, 2009

• The Media Performance Institute/Boston Casting, Allston, MA, Nail That Audition - 1-Day Seminar, Angela Peri, Casting Director, 2009

• Another Country Productions, Jamaica Plain, MA, Meisner Activity Workshop - 3-Week Class, Lyralen Kaye, Artistic Director, 2009

• The Media Performance Institute/Boston Casting, Allston, MA, Auditioning 1-Day Master Class, Sheila Jaffe, NY & LA Casting Director, 2008

• Another Country Productions, Jamaica Plain, MA, Meisner: Playing Full Out - 12-Week Class, Lyralen Kaye, Artistic Director, 2008

• CP Casting, Boston, MA, On-Camera Auditioning - 4-Week Class, Carolyn Pickman, Director, 2008

• The Studio at CP Casting/The Harrison Project, Boston, MA, Actor’s Lab - 2-Day Master Class, Peter Kelley, Founding Director, 2008

• CP Casting, Boston, MA, Getting Started in the Business of Acting in Boston - 1-Day Master Class, Carolyn Pickman, Director, 2008

• The Media Performance Institute/Boston Casting, Allston, MA, Acting for Commercials - 6-Week Class, Ann Baker, N.E. Casting Director, ABC-TV, 2008

• LDI Casting, Providence, RI, Auditioning for the Camera - 1-Day Master Class, Anne Mulhall, Director, 2008

• Another Country Productions, Jamaica Plain, MA, Meisner: Emotional Preparation & Monologues - 10-Week Class, Lyralen Kaye, Artistic Director, 2008

• Another Country Productions, Jamaica Plain, MA, Meisner: Repetition Into Scenes - 8-Week Class, Lyralen Kaye, Artistic Director, 2008

• Private Lessons, M1 Carbine & Garand Rifles, & M1911 (Colt 45) Pistol, Frank Ardida - Korean War Veteran & Police Firearms Coach

• Boston & Chicoppee Kung Fu Academies; U.S. Seminars; Etc., Eastern & Western MA; FL; Jerusalem, Israel, Many Open Hands & Weapons Styles of Kung Fu / Wushu, Karate, Judo, Krav Maga, Kick-Boxing, Boxing, Yao Li, Kai Yu, Zhang Lu Ping, Ken Grimshaw, Etc. - Student since 1984; Instructor/Choreographer/Performer since 1992

• UMass, Mt. Holyoke, Smith; Other Schools/Institutions, Eastern & Western MA; Jerusalem, Israel, Jazz, Ballet, Modern, African, Folk, Hip Hop, Tap, Composition, Production, Five-College Dance Dept., Ness Machol Dance, Etc - Student/Performer since 1983; Instructor/Choreographer/Director since 1992

• UMass Amherst; Other Schools, Eastern & Western MA; Jerusalem, Israel, Private & Group Voice Coaching; College, High School, & Other Choirs, UMass Faculty, Stephen Curylo, Barbara Brilliant, Mr. Doctor, David Haber, Prof. Yoel

• UMass Amherst; Other Schools, Amherst, MA; Jerusalem, Israel, French Film & Israeli Cinema; Classical & Contemporary Music Theory & History, UMass French, Judaic Studies Depts.; Prof. Yoel

• The Academy of Music, Jerusalem, Israel, Xylophone, Four Kinds of Flutes (Recorders), Music Theory, Keyboard, Naomi, Senior Faculty Member, 1977 - 9 Years of Training


• Innovative Teacher, Ages 2 to 92

• Lifelong Experience as a Student, Teacher, Choreographer, & Performer of Many Styles of Dance (Jazz, Broadway, Folk, Ballet, Modern, Latin, Ballroom, Swing/Lindy Hop, Flamenco, Hip Hop, Funk/Disco, Tap, Etc.)

• Lifelong Experience as a Student, Teacher, & Performer of Kung Fu / Wushu Open Hand & Weapons Forms, Karate, Judo, Krav Maga, Kick-Boxing, Boxing, Etc.

• Stage & Film Stunts, Double, Stand-In, and Fire Arm & Martial Arts Weapons Experience • US Air Force Training/Service

• Fashion Show Director, Consultant, & Model

• Disc Jockey (Own PA & DJ Equipment)

• Baritone Solo, Ensemble, & Choir Singer (Broadway, Folk, Ethnic, Middle-Eastern, Jazz/Standards, Classical, Etc.)

• Synagogue Cantor (Sephardic & Ashkenazi Traditions) & Authentic Jewish Entertainer

• Comedic Improv

• International Folk Dance Faculty for the UMass Performing Arts Division & Physical Education Dept. for 5 Years; Guest Artist & Instructor at Many Other Establishments
Other non-acting related work, hobbies or charities (not skills) in which this actor is involved (1 or 2 word descriptions):

• Northeastern University, Master's Degree in Computer Engineering, Boston, MA, 2002 (2 Years Completed)

• UMass Amherst, Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Amherst, MA, 1998 (Also complete all the coursework for a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance)

• Talent Representative

• Varsity Track & Field Athlete, Cross Country Runner

• Exercise Science

• Origami Expert

• Animal Science (Lepidoptery & Zoology)

• Arts & Community Event Production – Producer, Director, Performer, Choreographer, Lighting/Stage Design, Costume Design, A/V Production, Musical Composition, Advertising, Fundraising, & Finance

• Organizational Development, Financial, Real Estate, Graphics Design, Publishing/Translation, Engineering, Computer/IT, & Career Consultant • Supporter/Board Member of Cultural Organizations

• Co-Founder & Executive-Artistic Director of the Brookline/Greater Boston Community Center for the Arts (

• Co-Founder & Executive-Artistic Director of, and Lead Dancer in FreEmotion/LibrEMoción Repertory Company (

• Have portrayed doctors on film & in scenework; Experience with & Knowledge of Neurology, Seizures, EEG's, Paralysis, Trauma, Hospitals, and Medicine & Sciene in General


• Boston Music Conference World Music Showcase, Music Judge, 2010

• Boston College ALC Showdown '07 & '08; Supershag Mega Dance Complex Ballroom Competitions; Etc., Dance Judge

• The Brookline Tab 10, Distinguished Newsmaker, 2005

• Brookline Rotary Club '03 & '05, Guest Speaker

• Northeastern University Electrical & Computer Engineering Masters Program, 2001-2002 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award Nominee & TA Advisory Board Member, 2002

• Various Salsa & Merengue Competition Titles, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Places - 2001-2002

• Various Solo Talent Show Titles, Crowd Favorite, 2nd, & 3rd Places - 1990-1996

• USA Wushu Kung Fu Federation Competition Titles in Adult Advanced Open Hand & Weapons Forms, Eight 1st, 2nd, 3rd Places, & Many Other Regional Titles - 1998-2001

• The National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Nominated for a Lifetime Membership

• High School, Honor Role


Black 2014 Ford Focus SE

Performance Updates: recent acting endeavors, gigs or auditions:

Dan Marshall posted a performing update
"B"H Thanks Elaine! My father took this vintage shot for my Eddy Cantor audition "Boardwalk Empire". Comp w/ Eddy is on my IMDb resume photos"
Feb 9, 2014
Dan Marshall posted a performing update
"Audition for "A Little Night Music" tomorrow, 2/8/14…"
Feb 7, 2014
Dan Marshall is now a member of NEActor
Feb 7, 2014


Egypt-Omania - A Love Affair with the EastGuest Choreographer & Dancer - A Trio Dance Fusion of Fosse Style Jazz, Swing, Lindy-Hop, Charleston, Tutting, & Belly DanceSnake Dance Theatre; Directed & Executive Produced by Juliette Cusick (a.k.a. Johara)
Machsom Watch - Short PlayAmi - Lead/Co-Star - Disillusioned Israeli HusbandBoston Theater Marathon XVI; Directed by Lau Lapides; Written by Toby Armour
A Little Night MusicChoreographer - Created Original Eclectic Character-Relationship-Driven Fusions of Folkloric & Viennese Styles of WaltzArlington Friends of the Drama; Directed by Joe Stallone; Music Direction by J. Parker Eldridge
A Streetcar Named DesireStanley Kowalski – Lead (Drama; Stage Combat/Stunts)The Milton Players, Milton Woman’s Club; Dir. by Frederick Faribanks
Nathan & Nina's WeddingRabbi Manny Shevitz – Lead (Comedic Actor/Dancer/Singer/Improv)Fallsview Casino Resort, ON; Directed/Written by Steve Dacri
Francie & Johnny at the Big ConnectionSolo & Duet Specialty Act (Dancer/Singer/Actor); ChoreographerJ & S Productions, LLC; The Village Green, Danvers, MA
Basically Broadway '06, '07, '08Soloist & Lead Singer/Dancer/Choreographer, Chorus MemberBasically Broadway, Various Theatres, Newton, MA
PASTforwardModern & Contact Improv Dancer in "Huddle", "Scramble", "The Matter", & the Finale ImprovisationMikhail Baryshnikov’s White Oak Dance Project; Shubert Theatre
Café Latino PremierLead Dancer, Executive-Artistic Director, Choreographer, Co-ProducerFreEMotion Rep. Co. / Tango Fever / Tango Mundo, Wellesley, MA
Pops in Triple Time 20th Anniversary Gala"Favorite Israeli Waltzes" Suite Lead Duet Dancer, Choreographer, Musical Pre-Arranger, Costume Concept DesignAmherst Ballet Theatre Co. w/ the Springfield Symphony Orchestra, Symphony Hall, Springfield, MA; UMass Amherst Fine Arts Center
Fiddler on the RoofChoreographer (Brand New Choreography/Staging)MIT Musical Theatre Guild, Cambridge, MA
Other Roles:
Guys & Dolls - Society Max (Action & Hazzard Elements), Havana Dancer, Dance Captain, Assistant Choreographer
A Wonderful Life - Matt, Antonio, Dancer, Chorus
Cabaret - German Sailor, Waiter, Kit Kat Klub Dancer, Gorilla, Brunhilda
Verdi's Aida - One of the Two Warriors in the "Dance of the Warriors" Stage Fight; Assistant Fight Choreographer
Fiddler on the Roof - Russian Dancer, Stein/Bottle Dancer, Chorus
Berlioz Requiem - Baritone in Chorus


Martial Arts ShootMartial Arts (Kung Fu) Model & Pose ChoreographerFoot Paws™ / Dance Paws LLC; Photographed by Jeffrey Coolidge
Stock Art ShootsModel and Dance & Martial Arts (Kung Fu) Pose ChoreographerHuntStock, Inc.; Photographed by Mark Hunt & Zack Blake; Jorge Muxica -

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At 11:29pm on February 8, 2014, Elaine Victoria Grey said…

Hello Dan,

Your Photo is fantastic.


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