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Mike Weiner
  • Male
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Mike Weiner knows these actors:

  • Mary Hronicek
  • Michael Maggiani
  • Lin Hult
  • Jan Waldman
  • Kimberly Reis
  • Craig Sutton
  • Holly Schaff
  • Tiffany Howcroft
  • Michelle Falanga

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Profile Information

Member's contact info (email and phone or agent):
Phone: 508-397-9886

Andrew Wilson Agency, LLCAWA617-701-6400
Film/TV: Andrew Wilson
Commercial/Print: Bobby Saulog
Member's acting, voice or modeling website:
Member's age range:
36-40, 41-45, 46-50, 51-55, 56-60
Member's Affiliations:
Portray-able or Actual Biological Look:
Caucasian / White
Member's PHYSICAL TRAITS (use format on the "Before Applying" page)
Height: 5'8" Suit: 48R
Weight: 215 Shirt: XL (34x17)
Eyes: blue/green Pants: 40x30
Hair length: short, brown Shoe: 11.5w
Body Markings: none Glove: Large
Build: average
Special Wardrobe: Suits, hockey equipment
Portrayable & believable accents or dialects (e.g. Southern, Chinese, Spanish, German, Boston, etc.):
Boston, British (Liverpool, London, and Cockney), New York, Southern
Member's Performance Skills:
Archery, Archery-crossbow, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Bicycling-general, Billiards-Pool, Boating - engine, Bowling, Canoeing, Card Playing - Hearts, Card Playing - Rummy, Card Playing - Poker, Card Playing - Texas Hold 'em, Chainsaw, Comedian, Cry-on-Cue, Diving, Driving - car, Driving - stick shift-standard, Firearms - pistols, Fishing, Football, Frisbee - general, Golf, Guitar - 6 string, Guitar - bass, Guitar - electric, Ice Hockey, Impressionist, Improvisation, Jet Skier, Ping-Pong, Racquetball, Rugby, Shooting - revolver, Snow Skiing - general, Soccer, Swimming - general ability
Recent noteworthy acting experience (use the format on the Before Applying page):

True Heiress, Chris Cavil (Principal), Yang Yang, Gnay Productions
Safe House, Detective Sgt Sullivan (Lead), Rob Maloof, Gauntlet Films
The Minuteman Motion Picture Trailer Show, Monroe (Principal), Desmond Mahoney
A Curious Decision, Senator Wally Swabe (Lead), David Modica
The Other Christmas Show, Scotty (Principal), Adam Griswold, Smoking Bottle Entertainment
Scarred for Life, Jim (Principal), Jay Street, Street View Productions
Four Killers and a Liar, Jerry Hastings (Principal), Adam Griswold, Smoking Bottle Entertainment
Teddy's Day Off, Maintenance Man (Principal), Pablo Barrera, Boston University
Wallie's Gals, Jean-Louis (Principal), Mary Ferrara, Call it a Whim Productions
Viola, Eric (Lead), Demitra Papadinis, Nuisance Barking Productions
Smart Office, Bo (Principal), Alex Schultz, Be Nice To Me Productions
Apocalypse Party, Chuck (Principal), Adam Griswold, Smoking Bottle Entertainment
Hinterland, Tradesman (Principal), James Raudabaugh
Flat Earth for Kids, Bloogene (Principal), Claudia Yile
Off the Menu, Guard (Principal), Daniele Sestito, Station Six Pictures
Dear..., Mover (Featured), AppleTV, Matador Content
Might Man, Rick (Principal), Alex Bradley, SadPlant Productions
Typo Squad, Christopher "Big" Whig (Principal), KJ Traynor, Port Nine Productions
Seeking Shelter, David (Principal), Kyle Scarselli
Local Woman Gets a Jolt, Frank (Lead), Gabriel de Varona
Cruising, Ed (Lead), Coleman Hirschberg, RISD
Lights, Camera, Terror, Bud (Principal), Adam Griswold, Smoking Bottle Entertainment
Edgewood, OH, Joseph Hobbes (Lead), Darius Wekwerth, NiCo Films
Working, Joe (Principal), Scott Bausemer
Rest, Adam LaPointe (Lead), Joshua Flannery, Luna’s Field Productions
Sam, Abusive Man (Principal), Arantxa Duran
Snow White Christmas, Tim (Featured), Kristin Fairweather, Marvista Entertainment
Mortem, Dad (Principal), Valerie Ricot, Boston University
Sophia, Gary (Principal), Sunny Davis, Sunny Productions
Never a Child, German Police Officer (Principal), Zachariah Suto
Other People's Garbage, Simon (Principal), Matt Martin, Parabolic Entertainment
Tipsy TV, Ensemble cast, multiple roles, Roland Khorshidianzadeh, Scene Around Film Co
Smoke Grenade, Dad (Principal), Joe LaRocca, LaRoccaFilms
Night School, Maxwell Maddox (Lead), Noah Gardner
Bracelet Instinct, Boyfriend (Principal), Travis Gray, Breakfast Lobster
The Necklace, Father (Lead), Leah Dorfman, Boston University
Fight Like a Girl, Vice-Principal (Principal), Hailey Hart-Thompson, Happy Bones Production Co.
Dumbfounded, Officer Dubbs (Principal), Matt Martin, Parabolic Entertainment
The Interrogation: Or Why I Stopped Caring About the Fate of Humanity, Officer Slave (Lead), David Banta-Garcia, Mass College of Art
Chance, Simon (Principal), Terry Traynor, Narrow Street Films
Lost Roads, Herbert (Principal), Camille Attia, Emerson College
Steve, Craig Smith (Featured), Talia Bornstein & Roni Polsgrove
Comeuppance, Vic (Principal), Kasey Quinn, Boston University
Artists and Idiots, Mike (Principal), Terry Traynor, Narrow Street Films
Make America Great, Chris Christie (Principal), Raouf Zaki, RA Vision Productions
The Deja Vuers, Man in Park (Featured), Chris Esper, Stories in Motion
Michael Lawrence, Jonathan St. Jean (Featured), Terry Traynor, Narrow Street Films
United States of a Musical, Chip Wheeler (Principal), Dave Schweitzer / Adam Michael Kennedy
Space People 2, Agent Kilroy (Principal), Adam Griswold, Smoking Bottle Ent.
Nightingale, Thomas (Principal), Justin Baro, Reflection Films

Situational, Ray (Lead), Alex Daunais, Mass College of Art

Sign Here:, Mike (Lead), Marcela Cantú Serrano, Boston University Actors Lab

I Scream, Him (Lead), Sammy Warshaw, Boston University Actors Lab

The Penis, Mike (Lead), Audrey Noone, Big Mouth Films
Brute Sanity, Rhino Serious (Principal), Sam Vanivray, Imaginary Danger Productions

Who Cares? music video, Irked Customer, Cory Santilli, Pure Noise Records
Slit, Knife Salesman (Principal), Cara Conaway, Emerson College

Sucked Dry, Paul (Principal), Becka Williams, Mass College of Art

The Alternative Counselor, Det. Charlie Smith (Principal), Junie Joseph

So it Goes, Phil (Principal), Enrique Villena, Emerson College
Du Und Ich (You and Me), Party Guest, Bowling Buddy (Featured), Van Wormer Intl, LLC
Jump, Jim Jennings (Lead), Daniel Behar, Boston University
Details, Frank (Lead), Madi Stine, Harvard University
The Demon and I, Paul (Principal), Kyle Tague, Nothing in the Dark Productions
Cold Cuts, Rock and Roll Chris Crowell (Lead), Calzone Ciarcia
Unveiling, Hippie Musician, Rocco Michaluk, Rocco Films
Memento Mortis, Man on street (Featured), Adam Chandonnet, Lovely Dead Films
New Years Eve, Steve Ditko (Principal), Dave Schweitzer, Skitcom Productions
Things People From Boston Never Say, Shoveler, Bryan Roberts, Six One Seven Studios
Space People, Agent Kilroy (Principal), Adam Griswold, Smoking Bottle Ent.
Tales to Line the Coffin, Sam's Father (Prin.), Evan Schneider, Escape the Frame Media
Masque, Masquerade Ball Attendee, Cate Carson, Sensorium Pictures
The Perfect Interview, Greg (Principal) Ethan Weiser, Emerson College
Memory Lane, Father (Principal), Olivia Koterska, Boston University
Manny Quinn, Street Hawker and Announcer (Principal), Brian Leblanc, Univ of RI
Mannequin Sons, Homer (Lead), Zoe Mathewson, RISD
Gregarious, Greg (Principal), Madeline Taylor, Emerson College
They Say It's Your Birthday, Todd (Principal), Jason Eldridge, Fitchburg State U.
Holiday Spirit, Nathan (Principal), Ben Duff, RISD
Ghosts, Manny (Principal), Shawn Tetrault, Overlook Films
The Waiting Game, Manager (Principal), Vincent Nguyen, Harvard University
Sunday, Dennis, Lee, & Thomas (3 roles) (Lead), Sofia Caetano, Emerson College
Oswald, Tom Alvarez (Principal), Nate Klein, Boston University
Parlor Tricks and Arsonists, Arthur Poe (Principal), Christopher Bouchard, Univ of RI
Case #013: ZETH, Steel Worker (Principal), Nicholas Kelly, Emerson College
Pretty When You Cry, Rick (Lead), Pamela Mora, Emerson College
Fairfield Follies, Jim (Principal), Laura Pepper, Peppered Productions
Sucker!, Mr. Fisher (Principal), Lucy Sandler, Emerson College
The Jones Unit, Kevin Jones (Principal), Regis Schratz, Emerson College
Revenge of the Animals, Bull (Principal), Adam Griswold, Smoking Bottle Entertainment
Mobsters in the Mountains, Corvi (Principal), Graham Abraham, Broken Lens Films
Finding London, Lyle's Uncle (Principal), Cory Santilli, En Passant Films
Don't Call Me Marty, Arthur (Principal), Jon Berglind, Hangin' Hatts Productions
The Librarian, Jerry (Principal), Omar Cruz Rubio, The London Street Company
Dysopticon, The Janitor (Principal), Matthew Nash, 454 Productions, Lesley University
The Lake of Simon, Timothy Strong (Featured), Neal Desrochers, Mass College of Art
Eine Liebe in New York, Tourist (Extra), Helmut Metzger, Van Wormer Intl, LLC
Second Life, Danny (Principal), Kevin Bowers, Future Look Media
Taco Boy, Officer Varnum (Principal), Ralph Vito, MV Films
Awake, Elsewhere, Patient (Extra), Justine Shani, Emerson College
Goodbye Marissa Whitlesby, Jim (Principal), Omar Cruz Rubio, The London Street Co.
Ascendants, Resistance Member (Extra), Don Schecter, Charles River Media Group LLC
Pizza Robot, Pizza Delivery Guy (Principal), Nate Hilbert, Box House Productions
A Killer Movie, The Mentor (Principal), Allison Wilens & Vanessa Blair-Glantz, Tufts Univ
Sad Sappy Sucker, Sal (Principal), Christopher Bouchard, Univ of Rhode Island
Positive, Al (Principal), Leila Smiley & Sofia Adams, Tufts University
Vows, Corrections Officer (Principal), Fannar Arnarsson, Boston University
How to Kill Your Sister and Make Millions While Doing It, Jim (Lead), Brigitte Toubia, BU
Ida's 85th, Detention Officer (Principal), Julia Iglesias, Boston University
Walter Jackson Freeman (Lead), Joey Kolbe, Burn Machine Films/Mass College of Art
Too Much Fun at the Longshort's, Al Longshort (Principal), Bob Klein, Univ of RI
Holly, Nicky, Bobby & Tim, Little Brother (Principal), Kirstin Davidson, Mass College of Art
New Endings, Homeless Man (Principal), David Lee, JSE Films, Emerson College
Angela, Joe Pinsky (Principal), Ashley Sloan, New England Institute of Art
To Feed My Own, Al (Principal), Michael Wynn, New England Institute of Art
Winter/Spring, Bill (Principal), Bryan Sih, Boston University
Palinode, Clown Taunter (Principal), Heather Williams, Harvard University
Caped Crusader: The Dark Hours, Wayne Exec (Featured), Ramsey Eassa, On Edge Productions
The Soldier, Mister Gerrish (Featured), Rachel McKenna, Mass College of Art
The Death and Life of Norman Bailey, Mr. Clearwater (Principal), Siri Borgen, RISD
Suburban Spies, Frank Hardaway (Principal), Adam Griswold, Smoking Bottle Ent.
Clown Shank, Charlie Jackson (Principal), Anthony Gaudette, Parabolic Entertainment
La Galleria (TLC Pilot), Diner (Principal), Austin Steele, Zodiak Media NYC
A Funny Thing, Cashier (Principal), Matthew Beltz, 140 Productions, Univ of RI
Sidelined, Dad (Lead), Pom Bunsermvicha, Brown University
Skate Rat, Store Owner (Principal), Alex Domenici, Fitchburg State University
The Power of Duff, Bodyguard, Nude Ice Skater (Extra), Peter DuBois, Huntington Theater Company
Glass: A Love Story, Diner, Breakup Guy (Featured), Michael Durwin, Bellvista Pictures
Stoop, Businessman (Extra), Paul Medico, 82Films-BU Center for Digital Imaging Arts
Killing Khan, Russian SWAT (Featured), JR Hepburn, Vendetta Motion Pictures
Founders Day trailer-Town Administrator (Extra), Erik Bloomquist, Mainframe Pictures
Shots, Shop Patron (Featured), Rick Desilets, Two-Bit Pictures
Sister XI, Mike the Cynical Director (Principal), Mark Tully, Outlaw Productions
Sins of the Preacher, Courtroom Spectator (Extra), John Stimpson, Moody Independent
Chaos Walking: The Knife of Never Letting Go, Cillian (Principal), Candace South, Second Life Productions

Web Series
This How it Starts, Michael Terry (Principal), Marielle Bosco, NewTV
Family Problems, Detective (Featured), Seth Chitwood, Angelwood Pictures
Community Chaos, Cranberry Council Chairman (Principal), Matthew Hacunda, Bold Tony Productions
Next Stop Hollywood, George Flounder (Principal), Joey Sawyer Shaw, Front Porch Films
Dog House, Dad, Nate Hilbert, Box House Productions
Adder Mountain, Duncan (Principal), Linda Goetz, Lotte Brillig Productions
Paragods, Digger (Lead), Shawn Allen, Shawn Allen Films
Dr. D – No Nonsense Psychiatrist: Angel, Patient (Principal), Joe Joyce,
The Bob Show, Multiple (Principal) Roles, Bob McCarthy, Megastar Productions
The Folklorist-The Ponzi Scheme, FBI Agent (Featured), Andrew Eldridge & Angela Harrer, NewTV
A Guy Going Crazy, Perry the Cop (Principal), Chris Esper, What Boy
The Folklorist-Heroes of Wake Island, American POW (Extra), Andrew Eldridge & Angela Harrer, NewTV
Appleton TV, Gary Peeters (Principal), Ward Bower, June27th Productions
Family Problems, Detective (Extra), Seth Chitwood, Angelwood Pictures

Dharshini Johnson Landscape Architecture, Client, Henry Huhnke Productions
Commonwealth Care Alliance, Farmers Market Vendor, Conductor Productions
Chippewa Boots, Goon, HH Brown Media Lab
PegaWorld iNspire 2023, Man who thinks he's on a video call, HeartWorks Productions
Create with Carousel, Laid Back Client, Create with Carousel
JFC International - J Basket Brand, Dad, Matter
Hannaford, Supermarket Shopper, MMB
Bluebird Self Storage, Loud Canvas Media
Aetna/CVS, IndieWhip
Pega: Simplify processes. Streamline service., Lead, HeartWorks Productions
Cengage Learning: Nutrition Counseling Series, Michael Townsend, Cengage (in house)
Pega: Big Churn, Obstacle Course Runner, HeartWorks Productions
Maine Lottery: 2019 Holiday Dasher, Cupid (reindeer), Anchor Line
Carvoy, Bob, Flow Production and Post
Bluebird Self-Storage: Don't Gamble on Storage, Customer, Spires Creative
Bluebird Self-Storage: Hey, Carl!, Customer, Spires Creative
Central Auto: The Roof, Customer, Comcast Spotlight
SkyTab Shift4 Pay-at-the-Table, Diner, P3 Studios
Bluebird Self-Storage: Security, Customer, Spires Creative
Bluebird Self-Storage: Store Your Stuff, Dad, Spires Creative
Bluebird Self-Storage: Guaranteed Rates, Customer, Spires Creative
Wayfair: Super Bowl Party, Uncle Bob, Wayfair
Kronos: Future of Work, Cafe Patron, BC Media Productions
Kronos: Modern Cloud, Stagehand/Office Worker, BC Media Productions
Hasbro: Pie Face Cannon, Pirate Dad, BC Media Productions
State Street, Crazy Enough to Work: Dunkin Donuts, Drive-thru customer, McCann Manifesto, Truck Driver, in-house
Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, Parkinsons Awareness, Caregiver, McCann
DXL: Oak Hill, DXL in-house
VerbalCare (rough cut), Patient, 309 Productions
Home Title Lock, Fraud Victim, Conductor
Logic Information Systems: Rising Retail, Football Fan, P3 Studios
Rhode Island Lottery: Scratching Never Felt So Good, Dog Owner, Animus Studios
Parexel, Patient, Orange Square
Central Maine Medical Weight and Wellness Center, Patient, The Brand Collective
Human Nature (Giorgio Armani concept film), Manager, Theodore R. Life, Jr
Roche Bros Orientation Video, Noah, Good Natured Dog Productions
NFL Visa: Race to Kick-Off, BBDO Worldwide
Harvard School of Public Health: National Sleep Foundation, Truck Driver / Patient, Optik Nerve
Kahootz Entertainment demo reel, Party Guest/Dancer, Old Harbor Productions
Medtronic, High Output
EMC Corp: Tailgate Block, Main Character and Elvis (Lead), EMC in-house
Dyn: #WorkYourBackEnd, Network Tech (Lead), Studio 31
NFL Visa: Fanwagon, BBDO Worldwide
Titleist: Teeing It Up, GLP Creative
Neighborhood Health Plan: Time to Tell, Redtree Productions, Inc.
Bernardi (Brockton) Hyundai, Creative Resources Group (CRG)
Bernardi (Natick) Audi, Creative Resources Group (CRG)

Dippy Saves the World! ep2 , Dippy and Sgt Seltzer, Austin Shul, Shut Up Systems
Dippy Saves the World! ep1 , Dippy and Sgt Seltzer, Austin Shul, Shut Up Systems
CHRIS - A Crime Audio Drama, Sheriff Weston, produced by Jessica Rainville
The Amazing Story of "Strange Fruit", Leon Josephson, Steve Provizer
One Thing Wrong, Warrior, Austin Shul, Shut Up Systems

The Voices of Reasons, Norm, Marty Smith, Bar Stool Stories

Strong Poison, Ryland Vaughan and Jury Foreman, Cari Flynn, Slackville Players

The Ghost of my Illness Ten Years After the Storm, Steven, Amy West, Playwrights Reading Room

Blood Cake, Salvatore, Amy West, Playwrights Reading Room

Part of Your World: A Night of Disenchanted Disney Tales, multiple roles, Corrine DeCost, ImprovBoston
October, Marshall, Rosa Nagle, Playwrights Reading Room
Independence, Roger, Matt Crowley, Boston Play Cafe

Training or acting classes (class name, teacher & where):
Boston University Actor's Lab, Jan Egleson and Carolyn Pickman
The Providence Class, Alessio Cappelletti
Hillman Studio..Tim Hillman
Singing..Ashley Yarnell..Etude Music Academy
Meisner Level 1..Richard Bailey..New England Actors Workshop
Script and Character Breakdown..Bates Wilder..CP Casting
Basics of Acting..Bates Wilder..CP Casting
Fundamentals of Acting..Lorna Sleeper Brunelle..Boston Casting
Improv 101-601..various instructors..ImprovBoston
Stand-Up 101-201..various instructors..ImprovBoston
Musical Improv 101-201..Michael Descoteaux, Steve Sarro..ImprovBoston
Sketch 101..Deana Creiss..ImprovBoston
Other non-acting related work, hobbies or charities (not skills) in which this actor is involved (1 or 2 word descriptions):
MBA Boston University 1996 (Organizational Behavior / Operations Management)
BS Columbia University 1988 (Industrial Engineering)
Software Developer
Stand-Up Comedy
Ice Hockey

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