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April 2010 Blog Posts (3)

This Wednesday film premiere of Underground, honored to have little part.

The Boston International Film Festival is in full swing this week and I am so honored

2 be a part of one of the few films, selected for the BIFF.

The film is called Underground, created, written, lead role, and did his own fights and stunts,

Will Bertraud.

The thing about this film, yes, Will ia a very talented African American male,

And when he casted his film, he did go on looks.

I f you had some fight experience, you fit the bill, and these are… Continue

Added by Shelly "Nun-Chucks" on April 18, 2010 at 10:16am — No Comments

I think what I'm looking to work with, are people that are like me--the ones that enjoy the overseas, films with sub-titles...

I guess I might be the oddest person on this site, but to be honest, what I'm looking for are people that are similar like myself.

I don't know if most of the actors or flimmakers that come here are going to be looking for someone like myself, but the types of films I have a passion for are the ones that are like the independent filming, very different, but the actors have extreme passion for those films.

Not just my idol Jackie Chan films, Sammo, Michelle Yo,…


Added by Shelly "Nun-Chucks" on April 1, 2010 at 5:46pm — No Comments

Thank you Bradley for allowing me to be on your site and for you to personally moderating it.

Thank you for all your help and support in my dream of meeting and working with my idol Jackie.

Added by Shelly "Nun-Chucks" on April 1, 2010 at 4:47pm — No Comments

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